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Discussion in 'TV' started by Gladstone Screwer, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. So Friends ended with the cast saying it was time to move on. What to? apart from divorcing Brad Pitt they have hardly done a thing since. Infact they did more when the were still making Friends. They are extremely talented and it would be nice to see all of them featuring in things, be it TV or Film. Especially Miss Aniston who is a far better actor than Mr Pitt.
  2. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    -Matt Leblanc has "Joey"
    -Jennifer Aniston is dealing with heartbreak and a divorce, and also has a movie coming out in April "Rumor Has It"
    -Courtney Cox is starting a family and i heard her and David Arquette are doing a home design show together, and she's staring in "November" in July 2005
    -David Schwimmer is experimenting further with directing and is providing voice talent to the upcoming kids cartoon "Madagascar"
    -Lisa kudrow is staring in an upcoming movie in July, called "Happy Endings"
    and Matthew Perry was just in The Whole Ten Yards

    Come on, it takes time to make movies, and expand your horizons after doing the same thing for 10 years. :p
  3. Well thankyou that was very informative.

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