still tryin to figure this out....

Discussion in 'Hip Photos' started by amber, May 13, 2004.

  1. amber

    amber Member

    i think i might be slightly retarded, i cannot for the life of me post a picture
  2. amber

    amber Member

    ooohhh i did it, i just can't post any of the pics i want to cuz it says they're all too big darnit, does anyone know how to make pictures saved on your computer smaller??? or how do you post pics the old fashioned way?
  3. Harmony_rain

    Harmony_rain Keeper of the Stars

    you need to change the amount of pixels in the picture. If you have a picture editing program like Adobe Photoshop on your computer, use that and select the option "Image size" or something along those lines. It will be worded different for different programs.
    then just save it once you get it to the desired size.

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