Still not sure about Europe, eh?

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by veinglory, May 11, 2004.

  1. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    It seems fitting if not apt that the UK forum is separate from the Europe forum. Not doubt we should demand proof that joining Europe forum will only ever benefit us and sulk and boycott it as soon as it doesn't.
  2. PinkMoon

    PinkMoon Senior Member

    i post on the europe forum as well as here as i see myself as european not british and its a shame not to see that many uk forumers going there! its a realyl friendly forum..
    you're right though, it is fitting...
    brings up a good point, why is britain more orientiert to itself and america unlike the other european countries where there really is a 'european community (i.e. EC)
    i'd value your thoughts... its also the theme for my german oral topic in a week... and yes ive heard the german oral jokes!
  3. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    I am UK resident but actually a New Zealander (that forum evaporated?). Anyway. My impression is that the UK is still feeling like it should be the centre of things, not just one of the masses. (i.e. the commonwealth thing still struggling along). There is no doubt that the UK would be just one of many in Europe and might lose that 'specialness' that it is used to having. Co-operating with the rest of Europe will mean giving up some perks and a few genuine assets (like the Pound), but imagine the trade advantages and political clout! Sitting on the edge heckling is likely to produce the worst of both worlds.
  4. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Hmmmm. Obviously some may feel that way, but personally I just hang out here because there's no language barrier, and there's more social connection with people from the UK. I reckon every European country should have their own forum, and then there should be one collective forum for us all to hang in. Think you're reading a little too much into the forum, personally.
  5. PinkMoon

    PinkMoon Senior Member

    the europe forum is in english though so there should be no language barrior, but it is your choice to hang out in whatever forum you prefer, i spend most of my time here to
  6. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    There is likely to be a lot of brits here, so it is a reasonable division -- it just reminded me of the way folk here talk. When they say 'Europe' they never seem to mean it as inclusive of the UK.
  7. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    It's actually not all that surprising. If you notice there are French, German and other language forums here, where a lot of people from France and Germany post respectively. That would mean we'd be left out if we didn't have a forum to ourselves as well. But taking your point, I don't think it translates. Internationally I'm very pro-European, but in terms of these forums I'm glad we have our own little community seperate from everyone else. We end up having the friendliest, closest atmosphere, without excluding anyone who wants to be a part of it. There are a number of Americans and Europeans who are honourary UK Forum members. No Blunkett style fascist immigration policies here....
  8. borut16

    borut16 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Mind me posting here? I mean, I've just come over few days ago(invited by Erykah) and started posting here, as it seemed quite friendly and I've got some weird passion for UK(nature, poetry,...) hehe.
  9. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    hmm? the europe forum is lovely, has many cool people that i don't see posting in any of the other forums i hop around in :D need's more people to post in it though <hint hint>
  10. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Course not Borut, you can be an Honourary UK Forum Member, wear you badge with pride!
  11. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    I think you also need to remember that the UK is a distinctive geographic entity. As an island, it's inevitable that their should be a greater sense of identity for UK residents than other Europeans. I mean, if I live in Germany near the French border, then I can nip into my car and be shopping in France five minutes later (or leading an invading army, depending on what floats yer boat ;) ). To get to France from the UK though is a bit of an effort. Y'know, what with having to cross the channel 'n' all.

    I think the island geography is bound to lead to a greater sense of connection with other people from the UK, and less connection with Europe. This doesn't mean that we're therefore anti-European though. I, for one, welcome greater ties with Europe.
  12. moominmamma

    moominmamma Member

    Personally, I'd love all the individual European countries to have their own forums and then we all meet up in a great big soup of the big Europe Forum. Practically though I don't think there are enough people to make it feasible.

    I only found the Europe forum a month or so before the crash, but its the place I go to most next to this forum. Highly recommend it to anyone, the people there are really lovely and charming, its not one of those "scarey" forums.....

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