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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by skye*, Jan 31, 2005.

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    I Know Some Of You Know I Switched My Babe Formula To Similac Soy About 3 Wks Ago Now, He Was Suppost To React Good On It But Still Had Diareah Up Until 2 Days Ago. I Was Even Thinking Of Pumping My Breasts To Start Up Milk Again, Because He Had Terrible Gas And The Diareah, So Much For A Newborn To Have To Go Through With, Not To Mention He Had The Worst Diaper Rash From It Also.
    So 3 Days Ago I Decided To Switch Brands Just To See...and Try Breast Milk As Last Resort(only Because I Have A Big Phobia About My Breasts Being Touched) I Switched To Enfimil Prosoybe In A Can Already Made Just Have To Put It In The Bottle.
    Hes Now Pooing Regular:) Ive Never Been So Happy To See Normal Poo For A Newborn,lol. But Now Since Hes Been Staying Up All Night.
    The First Night He Got Up At 1am And Stayed Awake Until 430am Next Night 1am Until 530 Am.
    And Last Night 130 Am Until 630 Am........i Dont Get It Everything Is Great Except For That...he Dosent Even Stay Up That Long During The Day.....never Has....he Kept Falling Asleep And Than 10 Min Later Waking Up Again.
    Hes Out Cold Now, So Im Wondering This...........
    Should I Try To Get Him Up During The Day Alot, Maybe Than He'll Sleep At Night....or Should I Try Something Else????

    I Really Need To Sleep And I Cant During The Day Because I Have A 22 Month Old To Take Care This The Formula? It Started The First Night We So Puzzled And Really Need Some Advice Please...


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