Discussion in 'Parenting' started by 7river, May 25, 2004.

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    i can't wait for the strawberries season...should be soon.

    i go to an organic pick your own and pick about 40 lbs most of which i core, flash freeze on a cookie sheet, pour into gallon ziplock bags and freeze for late summer through winter use. great for the kids in the morning...a couple in a blender with oj and a bannana is a great before school drink. the organic berries have lots of vitamin c. also mixed with cold milk in a fast blender or processor makes great smothies/ice and easy, just grab a handful from the bag.
    i also go up on the mountain and harvest wild blueberries...shared with the black bears of course:)

    anyone else do this? or already have local strawberries?

    (this is my attempt to ease into a receipe/idea exchange thread)
    *directed to applespark*
  2. Happy_Go_Crazy

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    I love eating Strawberries! so delicious! I'm thinking I just might have to go pick some fresh Strawberries. I usually pick apples but I guess I can do both! :)
  3. mariecstasy

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    indeed. yay for strawberries. but if arianna eats too many she gets the runs. so i have to ration them to her
  4. Maggie Sugar

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    YUM!!!! We have a terraced strawberrry ring in our garden and I have 75 plants I need to transplant into it. It has been too wet to till or plant, so we are waiting. Many of them are "day neutral" plants, which means we will get berries all summer, but I am afraid we will miss the late spring madness. ​
    It sounds like you have a good time with your berries! My kids love them, too. You have to be careful with babies, though, a lot of babies get rashes and the runs from too many berries. ​
    I hope we can get our plants in the ground! ​
  5. rainbow

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    Mmmmmm......strawberrires are my favorite fruit (and cherries).

    last year something wierd happened~~i went to a local farm to buy some fresh berries, and they had the same ones as the grocery store only markek up in price!!!

    i was so angry!

    this summer i have ta find a new farm...
  6. sugrmag

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    Make sure they are organic because strawberries hold pesticides very well.
  7. tom

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    Ah yes, reminds me of the good ol' days. We used to pack up and head to the berry fields when I was younger. Good times! I was 5-6 at the time and making two bucks a flat. Not a bad haul when you're that age. Wish I could still take my son up there, but times change, labor laws and all that jazz. Uh, anyways yeah, strawberrys are good stuff.
  8. honeyhannah

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    Cool, I do that too! Well I don't get that much 'cause I never thought about freezing 'em, but yeah I use them mostly in smoothies(w/grapes and apples), salads, and in pancakes.
  9. Earthy Mama

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    yupI do that too, I always go pick my own at a farm I live near. My kids LOVE strawberries.

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