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Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by environmental_junkie, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Alright so I plan to live my life on the road,traveling the country/world... maybe stay in one place for a while and leave when I want. I will probably have an actually house somewhere along the way but most of my time will be spent elsewhere. I do need some help with figuring some stuff out though...

    Alright so I do plan to wait a year maybe 2 and work and save most of my income. Buy a nice camper van(used of course), a nice big tent a little coleman stove and all the other essentials I will need.. However this comes to my bigger question...

    I'm into sewing and designing clothing and I can sew pretty much any style and that is what I plan my career/major source of income to be, however I haven't yet figured out how to accomplish this while always on the road. I figure that I will start make various types of clothing and maybe in different citys find a flea market and set up a table there but I have never even done this in the city so how do I go about renting a table?.... I ussually do custom orders with clothing so what sizes should I make, it seems like quite the hassle to make the same top every different size, along with pants, skirts jackets ect, should I just decide on one size to make everything then post cost for custom sizing?

    How much money should I save up before hitting the road, with my clothing items in hand? I figure when I first start this way of life I will only be able to afford short month adventures rather than half year/year.... But how much money should I have on me before I leave my humble abode and start worrying about my next tank of gas?

    Do you have any other suggestions for ways to sell my clothing? Before I use to dream big and always wanted various little shops around the country but now I decided that I would much more enjoy this freedom...However it's a lot harder on the wallet.... Is it illegal to set up stands on the street somewhere, because I figure if I find the right location I could rack in the dough but I suppose I will end up paying that amount back to the ticket I receive?

    Well these are my plans with I will attempt to procecute in the near future and I will really enjoy your feed back and suggestions...

    Also if this way of life sounds interesting to you, give me a shout. ;)
  2. riverrunsthru

    riverrunsthru Member

    i definitely have a similar dream, so, first off, good luck to you because it's VERY confusing and frusturating to figure out...i myself keep coming to dead ends trying to figure it out.

    anyways, when i was in imperial beach at a festival/fair type thing, there was a family that bought t-shirts and tie-dyed them...that could be part of your inventory, because everyone loves tie-dye :). also, you could make skirts with elastic waistbands, to make it more one-size-fits-all. i don't know how elaborate you want to get with your clothing, though. also, bringing along another person or two to incorporate their talents might be beneficial.

    once again, good luck, and definitely message me if you want to talk further about it!!
  3. Thanks for the ideas, although I've already thought of the same things :) Unfortunatly a great deal of my friends find it unrealistic for a life on the road so they are obviously out. Maybe I'll find someone on these forums :):)
  4. Joe Cool

    Joe Cool Member

    sounds great, you sew, i'll drive
  5. That would be nice ;)
  6. Rayeine

    Rayeine Member

    Im in!! Well..actually you seem to be one of the first people, my age who has taken an interest in what I've been hoping to do for so long..My friends never seem to think it's worth their time as much as i try and convince them...but wow, yeah..right now Im in the process of finishing school and saving up to go be on the constant move and to actually feel that freedom ya know? However, im having some issues on how im going to lug a guitar a keyboard and a longboard around with me..annyways, i think thats an awesome idea you have, and depending on when you leave on random..fill me in if you want company! who knows..maybe you'll get a whole pack off this site and get a little communal living road thing going on.
  7. Rayeine, that would be fantastic indeed. I am also in the process of finishing school, then I will need to take some time off just to make some cash. It wont be for probably another year or so before I actually pick up and leave but it sure is a lot of planning.... and if I could get a couple of people from this site that I know are dedicated to life on the road I would be stoked for sure! I'm sure you would all make the best company and I know you would probably agree with all the ideas and projects I have in mind. If you are interested for sure email me ... also this summer I am planning a little road trip....:)
  8. riverrunsthru

    riverrunsthru Member

  9. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    I started backpacking when I was 14... I love this life.
  10. Rayeine

    Rayeine Member

  11. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    lol i think about doing that everyday.. sometimes i find myself packing my bag with all the things i need and then realize i'm not going anywhere right now. if you're staying in canada, maybe we can meet up sometime! i'm in ontario right now.
  12. I have also been planning something similar far a few years. Travelling just seems like the thing for me to do. I recently read a book called "Vagabonding- an uncommon guide to the art of long term worl travel" by Rolf Potts. It had many great insights into ways to stay on the road. I am planning on leaving in a year or so. I already have the van and most of the gear, its pretty much a matter of saving up money then I'm gone. I think I am going to sustain my travels by fixing old volkswagens on the way doing temporary labor. I am really glad to see that there is other young people that are thinking along the same lines. I hope you guys end up getting to follow through.
  13. riverrunsthru

    riverrunsthru Member

  14. :$ May I ask why you're laughing?

    Hayduke_lifes , thanks for you response I think I'm going to look around for that book. Trust me, I'm working my ass off already trying to achive my goal. I think that to get to the ultimate goal I just need to work through some smaller onces first. I hope it works out for you also. :H
  15. billisgod420

    billisgod420 Member

    i also want to travel all over the country. but i have a bunch of problems with it as well. first i have no special skills for making money on the road. im a musician and i dont think that will be good enough to make money from (would it???). then theres the problem of not wanting to leave my friends behind. i dont know whether or not i will come back from where ever i go. then i definatly need people to go with me. pictures just might not be enough to explain the adventures i might have. i just need to put somemore thought into this i guess
  16. billisgod, well I'm glad to hear that you're also thinking of traveling and it's definitely something that needs to be carefully thought out if it's what you want to do long term. What do you play? I'm not so sure it would be a great choice for your major source of income but I'm sure you could make some decent pocket cash by just setting up where there seems to be a lot of people through-out the day, or even talk to some managers of pubs/bars a long the way in towns/citys you might be staying for a couple days and see if you could maybe play a gig?

    I know what you mean about needing people to go along with you, I'm having the same problem because a great deal of my friends aren't interested, or think it's a unreasonable way to live. But hey, maybe I'll find someone from these forums.

    Where abouts do you live? maybe we should get in touch, even in your not close to me.... email me.
  17. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    yaaaaaay i found out my dad wants to take a motorhome out to BC, this spring, and live out there! :) :) :)

    so i might move back in with him . :)
  18. Thats awesome Meg, definately move with him it would rock!
  19. Rayeine

    Rayeine Member

    billisgod, if this hipforums crew gets a move on whenever the time may be..and we all decide to tag along for environmental junkies awesome idea..
    I've been playing the drums, piano and guitar for quite awhile, and there are always possibilities, but like I said..lugging around a keyboard, a guitar and a longboard..
  20. Joe Cool

    Joe Cool Member

    if its a travelling band i would defiantely be in :D

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