Starting in a fish tank in the closet

Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by noob_grower, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. noob_grower

    noob_grower Member

    How smelly does the plant get in the first few weeks of growth? i have an old fish tank and i was planning on putting the seeds into the cups and then put them in teh tank so they could start out under the hood lights of the fish tank. would this be ok to put in a closet, and inside a suitcase or possibly under a futon in my basement, or outside. would my parents be able to smell it if i kept them for like a week or two until big enought to put in pots and move them outside? How should i go about this?
  2. passittotheleft

    passittotheleft Senior Member

    It doesn't get too stinky until the buds start to develop a couple months in. Your fish tank idea should work fine.
  3. Lady Greene

    Lady Greene Member

    Watch out for mold and mildew--it gets stuffy and humid inside an aquarium and it's only worse if that's enclosed with no air flow through. You'll have to put a fan in there too to move the air and keep things from molding or your plants will fail.
  4. Scorpius

    Scorpius Member

    Lady Greene is correct about this. Haha other than that you should be fine. They dont stink until a few months growing.

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