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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by rygoody, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. rygoody

    rygoody Senior Member

    so I want white man dreads

    I am going to try to shape these things because I want fat dreads, not any skinny ones. I want fat mid-length dreads that are capable of supporting there own weight and sticking out of the head at an angle.

    is waxing really THAT bad? this seems like an ideal way to get them smooth quickly

    does back combing work at all?
  2. bolderthing

    bolderthing Member

    You should try reading a few threads below you. I know there's a wax thread down there somewhere, and further down there's one on backcombing. No to come off as rude, but there's lots of good information that answers what you just asked if you poke around ;-)
  3. pbfanatic321

    pbfanatic321 Member

    yeah, i am thinking of doing backcombing as well because it is a lot quicker, but i am still not sure yet.

    either backcombing or neglect...
  4. bolderthing

    bolderthing Member

  5. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    waxing is thje worse mistake you can make (exceopt 1 kid used glue) well waxing and going to salons or buying kits
    backcombing can get u staerted yes but causes alot of damage
    going naturals the best way by far especialy wanhting strong dreads

    i dunno what iu mean sticking out at an angle except if u mean the antenae look of freshly backcombed dreads that soon lie flat when they grow and begin to really dread

    my thinnest dreads like a milimeter by 2 sorta float and 6 feet long and strong even though micro thin thickest between 1 and 1 1/2 inches none stick out at angles
    theres 2 ways to get em stuck out at angles..freshly backcombed so they stick out allcrazy but in a month or so lay flat
    congod so thyick they stand straight oity but this can pull on the scalp being pretty painful

    keep in mind also the thicker they are the harder it is to care for them, you will have triuyble getting the scalp clean have more itchy issues and the potential for mold in the core of the dread increases because its harder to get them dry all the way through

    if theyre tight enough to the scalp to stick out you'll never get your fingers at your scalp to clean it

    i say this over and over but its true
    what u hope for and what u get are not the samer thing you hope for a certain look your bound to be disapointed with what u gewt
    its best to have no expectations and accept whatever happens, dreasds have a will of theyre own

    on the wax question
    is dirt water and mold trapped in your dreads forevcer worth smooting things out fast? if u want fast dreads that get cut off in a year ort less then wax away
    if u want dreads that last and are uniquely yours then do nothing
    if u want drewads styled after some idol or siomething backcomb and palm rill but not alot or the dreads will be weak and break

    u can put hundreds of hours into em and never vbe satisfied or u can choose to be satisfied with whbat u get and put nothing into them
    no matter what u do only patience will give u dreads in the end

    and no matter what u do tour dreads will finda way to do what they want no matter what you hope for
    get used to that early and you'll be happy
  6. rygoody

    rygoody Senior Member

    couldn't you put like an antibacterial wax on them to prevent the molding?
  7. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    its wax waxx dont belong in dreads period
    its sticky it never coomes put it traps dirt and water
    u can add crap if u want tokill mold i guiess but why would u [ut wax in

    it glues hair together, hair cannot move like it needs to to dread
    look around at the messes wax made in many ppl's hair
    mommajojo to start
    pmeister stuill is trying to get it out of his
    manyt ended up cutting or combing it out to get rid of wax

    if you really cant learn from thousands of mistakesthen by all means make your own mistakes, but 1st be educated, read the horror storries of others

    pics comparing different methods, including wax
    the waxy pics should be plenty enough to scare u
  8. hax

    hax Member

    right, my two at 3 months now. i back combed, i havent touched them in two of the three. at first i used wax, LIGHTLY, maybe once every 2 weeks. i also crocheted at first too, i didnt do the usual method of crocheting, i put the loose hair through the root and slowly worked my way up to the tip, not wrapping around the root over and over. for the first month, i also palm rolled and root rubbed. at the end of the first month i decided that it was just too much effort and just let them go since then. yes i do have frizzies and yes they arent picture perfect dreads, but i love them. i will admit though, the method of crocheting i used really helped them look nice and as long as they stay in (which they are) i would think that they would dread faster because the hair is closer together early on in the game. so do what you want, but so far my method is working. dont worry about tightening the roots, your pillow will do that for you as you roll around at night. talk to people around here, they have you covered. if you end up using too much wax like i did at first you can melt it away by boiling some water, taking it off of the stove and dipping your dreads, one by one in the hot water.
  9. menghele

    menghele Member

  10. Dragonvine

    Dragonvine I do Glass

    In the beginning stages I wouldn't worry about getting them thin, just get em started. When they get mature they'll smooth out on their own. And if you put wax in them, it'll just slow down the process and make them all yucky xD

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