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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by StarGateKeeper, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Bound

    Earthbound am I
    Stranded on the shores of fate
    I find myself desolate
    My soul deserts my spirit
    My body is an orphaned shell
    and empty house
    Where no one dwells.
  2. Beyond the curves and contours
    and the folds of shadow
    Lies a darkness
    that is illuminated
    by the reality of life
    We are birthed into doom
    We are born into certain death
    And our lives are the times we spend
    Thinking up our wishes
    and waiting for our dreams
    and time are gone
    Such is the gift and curse
    of being human being.
  3. Enchanted Fall

    Summer Rain

    Hope blossoms in my heart like Spring,

    Until chilled by Winter's Night

    And its mystery makes me shiver.
  4. Hope hides death

    only for a time

    the inevitable sleep

    comes to us all.
  5. Listen
    Lean in
    Longing for lies...
    Leaving out the truth is as good as a lie, right?
    Let me hear the
    Lies you don't say...
    Lie again
  6. Oh for all the wrongs that I could right
    Timeless now but out of time
    My deadline, My expiration is at midnight
    Without reason, I stumble on this rhyme
    Oh for all the wrongs that I could write
    But I wake to find
    Myself sleeping, naked, crying
    In the corner of my mind.
  7. Further down falls my failing heart
    Broken so badly it just might stop
    I need some mending
    I need some tending
    Rescued only by a heart in need
    Only then is my heart freed
  8. The birth of love is a joy to behold
    but even better to feel in your own heart
    It fills you with laughter, with love for everything
    and there is great promise in a brand new start.
  9. The air you breath


    The colors of nature


    Anything not beautiful

    fades from your sight.

    When you're with your love

    a touch, a glance

    is more meaningful than words

    Your heart explodes freely

    and your body lets you know its right.
  10. littleskinny

    littleskinny Member

    A collection of gems! I love "Bound" - I love the "orphaned shell", the soul the abandoning parent, the implicit decay once spiritual nurture has fled. "Lily Lies" is intriguing.... all are poignant, understated and beautiful.... Thanks - I'll keep my eye on you!
  11. Thanks skinny.. still getting my collection out of mothballs.. I'll have some more oldies and some newbies on line soon..

    Thanks again!!
  12. littleskinny

    littleskinny Member

    *rubs hands together gleefully* Ooh goodie!
  13. Musikero

    Musikero Supporters HipForums Supporter

    Impressive words, man!
  14. what brightness you write in...

    how i see this world in your colours
    life and death change day night
    all here in your words

    love n peace from saff

    to quote little skinny
    a collection of gems.........
  15. Thanks all... u r all sweet!!!

    Couldn't sleep last night
    Had to get up and write
    it just came flowing from my pen
    let me know what u think... again...

    ok ignore that but read on...
  16. Her scent, the breath of love
    Whispered at dawn
    and at twilight
    whe bodies break under the weight of tremendous days
    Into nightly beds, resting weary heads
    and finding a hand to hold throughout the night
    and its dream filled flight
    in the warm comfort
    we face the world and tomorrow, together...
  17. We touch with our eyes
    Speak in silent smiles
    Whisper to each other's lips
    Feel all the corners of our secrecy
    Peel off our confidence
    Until only trust remains between us
    Allow my mouth to embrace you
    Let me roll your thoughts around
    on my tongue
    Until you breath fire
    on the embers that burn deep within
    Let us be engulfed in the dance of the flame
    that burns with high heat
    then dies down
    but glows
    ever smoldering
    just under the surface
    Just barely under
  18. littleskinny

    littleskinny Member

    Those last two are cute....I especially like "Let me roll your thoughts around on my tongue".
  19. Tell the tale of predator and prey,
    How strange the dance of death does play
    It's toy now a life once was
    And how it does vamp until end has come.
  20. fulmah

    fulmah Chaser of Muses

    Your beautiful honesty was felt, and your collection so far has had a wonderful impact on my morning! I particularly enjoyed Bound, Being Human Being, Lily Lies, and, when you're with your love. Night Flight and touch, speak, whisper, feel; were my favorites though, as I've been in a casanovic mood. Those two were pure pillars of mounting passion I found myself reflecting :)

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