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  1. so im sure Startreken will have some input on this.. but just saw the commercial.. did not even know about it.. prequel to the original movie series.. i think it's a bad move.. i think Lenard Nemoy, The Shatt, George Tekai.. when i think of Spock, Capt Curt, Sulu... not the shit i just saw..
  2. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    I once cried while really high at the old star trek intro on tv... it was pretty messed up
  3. that's probably something you should keep to yourself... :willy_nilly:
  4. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

  5. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Every late sunday night. I watch Star Trek original series. Its a tradition. :D
  6. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    Do you cry too?
  7. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    Holy shit, I saw this too joker. I don't understand how the creators expect us to respond to these shenanigans. I never liked Star Trek much but I know a shitty spin off when I see one! It's such an insult, as well, to use a different cast. We know that the original cast is knocking on death's door, and therefor not necessarily a wise decision to use them again. But that's another argument on the side of the "anti-new-fucked up- star trek mess."

    But, not a big issue to me. More than likely won't waste my time on the new shit when I never cared for the old! Kind of like bringing back 90210... dumb!
  8. Subliminal89

    Subliminal89 A Tokémon Master

    transformers 2? sick! Star Trek? wahhhht
  9. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    I would cry if it wasnt on..
    they took off chilly billy on saturdays like 30 years ago and I still aint over that.. :mad:
  10. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy Senior Member

    I agree. I'm still going to see the movie, but they nead to stop doing prequels. They need a sequel 100 years in the future where the Enterprise can do warp 20 and there is a battle for survival against the Borg. What do you think would be good?
  11. if its anything like the first one... its gonna suck... i was not impressed with the first one
  12. Subliminal89

    Subliminal89 A Tokémon Master

  13. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    chilly billy the dragon?


    Hopefully someone on here used to play banjo tooie on the N64 so that at least one person will know wtf this is from
  14. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!


    the special effects were good but the acting, dialog and cinematography were total shit... plus i hate shia lebuff, i can't watch any of his movies
  15. Startreken

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    Hehe, yes this is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. I have to say that I too am not sure about this but, I have to say that if you think of it like a lot of the new trends in super hero movies like Superman and Batman the franchise has been redone so well that it brought back new life to the series.

    I don't really think of it like a remake, I think of it as something new. If a movie based off of the world of Star Trek is made and can stand on it's own then it is worth it. I am going to go into it with a positive attitude and see what happens.
  16. deleted

    deleted Visitor

  17. deleted

    deleted Visitor


    No this Chilly Billy,..

  18. i dont think of it as a re-make either.. it looks like the story line is a prequel.. but still like i said ealier.. they should have picked a different story line in the Star Trek saga instead of going back to the original characters
  19. Startreken

    Startreken Marijuana Chef!

    ^^ Yeah, I heard talk about a series based upon the Starfleet Acadamy but that is still up in the air. I think they want to see if this movie could springboard a new series.

    The thing about the world of Star Trek. The original series was the start of course, but after it was canceled, they talked about coming out with a new series with the original characters and they called it Phase II. That was what became the first Star Trek Movie. Keep in mind that the original series was canceled back in 1968. I see this as introducing a younger audience to the original series in a way. Either way I am looking forward to seeing it and I hope it is good. I happen to like that the guy behind Lost and Fringe, J J Abrams, is the person who is recreating the new look. I think it will be interesting either way. We shall see.

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