Stale Blooms

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    This is my first time putting something I wrote on here.
    I wrote this yesterday at 1:36 AM. Enjoy.

    Stale Blooms May24th, 2004

    Why do I let you keep crossing my mind
    how many times will you walk across my grave
    maybe these things take much more time
    but what happened to all the time that I gave

    I always knew that in the end
    you would just leave me for dead again.

    Seems you never had a problem before.

    Why do my dreams invite you in
    just so in sleep you never go away
    I would rather dream of you and him
    it wouldn't keep me so fucking awake

    I can feel the skin on the back of your neck
    yeah I remember the inside how could I forget
    The only thing between desperate fingers and warm blood
    is the skin I'd scratch open when we used to make love

    Yeah, and nothing ever changes
    would you wonder how I know
    I peeled your skin from under my nails
    and since then my nails won't grow

    So is this psychosomatic, I'm not skin and bones
    not to be melodramatic, but what if you were still alone

    So what the fuck am I to you now?

    Am I...
    the depressed freak
    with wants and needs
    well who needs sleep
    when we have drugs!
    Who gives a shit
    I still taste your spit
    can you taste my dick
    does it taste like love?

    Do I...
    smoke drugs all day
    here I'd rather stay
    when did I ever say
    that our love was lame?
    Well to forget is too late
    why forgive what I hate
    do I still masturbate
    to the sound of your name?

    Severing legs will keep the dirt at peace
    so do you think I finally got to sleep
    And if I did, whatever did I dream
    something enough to wake me up in a scream?

    Yeah, and nothing fucking changes
    would you ever wonder how I know
    The stale smell of sex still lingers
    but the stains washed out so long ago...


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