St. Mark's Place in 1968-1970

Discussion in 'Back to the Garden' started by TwoDogs, Mar 9, 2008.

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    I'm looking to fill in some gaps in what might have become of a number of people from the years of '68, '69 and '70 that hung out on St. Mark's Place in those days. I've seen some mention of some of these people in other threads I read here before I registered but can't seem to find some of them again.

    Does anyone remember Mad John, Turtle, Peter "Quaker Oats," Drip Dick Bill, Bearded Bonnie, Watts, Decell and his sister Mary, Big Tony and his sister Sissy, Fire, Crazy Lee, Tommy Tuinal, Stinky or Jay? There are so many other names...a lot of them are mentioned in the STP and MF threads so I won't bring them up here. I was pretty tight with all the people listed above and cared/care enough about them now to see if I can find out what happened to them or if I can make contact.

    If nothing some other names or incidents (I got stabbed in the arm in front of The Underground Uplift by a guy from The Virgin Islands named Coy Bennet while doing acid.) from those times and poke and prod this old memory. Anybody remember The Eclectic Christmas bash at The Electric Circus? Most of the street people had free tickets.
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    Another Sagittarius!!! Welcome, love your web page! Lets see if we cant reunite you with your brothers and sisters from the past!
  3. TwoDogs

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    Thanks Luvione. I appreciate it.
  4. junglejack

    junglejack aiko aiko

    Was 18 in 1968 * Anyway- at that time, I was finished with HS in NJ & making trips to the St.Marks-Village scene all the time. Although none of the names ring a bell, you,ve brought back some great memories of that time.
    I had a friend Linda, who lived on Cornelia (off Bleeker) -we spent many nights at the "Dugout" a little watering hole right on Bleeker- next to joints like the Village Vanguard, the Bitter End & the Back Fence .. ):cheers2:
    so you never know -same time,same place(more or less)
    wishing you luck in your search


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