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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Selfsustaingsociety, May 5, 2007.

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    we may have a bus headed up yoru way to haelp in labour for exchange for a place to park enjoy the woods.... Ill keep you posted. I have kids on my land now and trying to round up more to get the bus going
  2. As far as I know lady slippers are endangered here too. there are three kinds that I know of in MB the single stemmed pink and yellow kinds and then the clump yellow and brown ones. not sure if there all protected or just one kind. no word on pics yet.

    And Blinkin that would be really cool if folks want to drop by and hang out for an evening around the camp fire. Reminder thought that there is so far; no toilets, no potable water(I haul some in), no electricity. And not much needing to really be done, this year that is(cash and time invested in current cabin project). People would also be welcome to visit in the city as well, grab a shower and share a meal, that sort of thing. Maybe set up a little hip forums meeting/reunion thing. let me know when things become more deffined.
  3. Spirit Wynd

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    I hear that man, I agree with the contracts thing and have used them amongst friends in the past. I treat friends as family, I'm fair and honest in all my dealings, and I find it amazing when arguments or money issues arise how fast people turn on you...
    Zoomie has much wisdom, take his words into consideration.

  4. too much rain, can't really do much as it's been raining almost everyday for the last several weeks. :( this is by far the wettest year I can remember for MB. will have an update in the next few weeks, been trying to get stuff done but it's slow going.

    highlights: cabin on foundation and almost ready to get hooked up to e.

    desk garden is dead. the beans were small and the stems broke due to the weight of the plants. might start something else but i had to move desks and still settling in.
  5. So I haven't updated in a while, and I said I would in a few weeks. Well the cabin is great when i've been out there. The foundation is better than I thought. I managed to have enough money but took a small like of credit to bridge the gap between paychecks. It's all paid for.

    I looked into getting the e hooked up and It seems it will be another red tape fiasco. I hate pointless burocracy. they(hydro) sent me some forms to fill out and get signed and a bunch of other crap before they will even send someone to see if I can get hooked up as is or if they will require a different installation than as it was mounted previously. bah, will wait till spring to start worrying about that again.

    It's been so cold and wet this year that it has not been too fun going out. I spent most of the fall doing clean up from the foundation, getting the access road build up by hauling sand and gravel from the pond site, digging the pond some more and I build a really good shelter out of salvaged scrap for my firewood. I cleaned out the site a lot, it's taking shape even more.

    I found a few more tasty things on the property, this low growing light green leavy salad thign that practically melts like butter and tastes really good and a few berries I don't know what they are called but taste good. There are at least two types of berries that are probably poisonous and bitter tasting so I'm not eating those. I also had a bunch of potates and onions harvested from the garden in late fall. I'm surprised how well the potatoes did considering they were partly run over and didn't get much sun. saw some stats that say it was in the top ten coldest years in mb, they say over 9 monts of the year was spent at below normal temperatures and a bunch of record lows were set.

    oh I also saw a big groundhog that spent a few weeks taking shelter beneath the old cabin. it spent a bunch of time staring at me, I think it was undressing me with it's eyes, darn deer must have talked...

    anyways winter is hear to stay and nothing is being done, there is this new community trying to start up in my area so I may just see if I can give them a hand try and see if i can offer advice or maybe just kind words of encouragement.

    still don't have a camera or cellphone and the website is down since yahoo closed geocities, still too lazy to put it back up under google or to get a domain for the SSS.

    Waiting for spring so far is being spent cleaning house and waking up each day to go to work, what joy. I'll probably not post again till spring or unless someting exciting happens. anyways, stop dreaming and start planing.

    Note: I have a new years resolution this year: I will keep all the garbage i produce on my property for as long as I can stand it(hopefully till 2011). I will compost as much as possible and recycle everything as per usual but decided to try and see just how much I actually throw away(mostly plastic packaging). I think it'll be interresting if not a little smelly come august. wish me luck.
  6. spring seems to be coming early, wich might just help make up for a really bad year last year(weather wise), I'm keeping my fingers crossed but i may get some work done at the property soon. will try to update as things happen.

    Still holding strong on my new years resolution. no garbage has left my house since 2010/01/01.

    have been working on planning the addition to the new cabin, and the outhouse. have also been looking to trade up my station wagon for a truck so I can haul stuff.
  7. ChronicTom

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    Here's the problem with that... Say Jack wanders along and you have everything all set up and he buys in. He sticks around for a couple of years, builds a small house, raises some animals and such...

    Then he decides he wants to leave and wants his share bought out. You can have all the clauses and agreements you can think of in place, if you don't have the money to buy him out, he can sell it someone else. Who is to say that someone is going to be someone you trust or even like?

    edited for....Shit, you got three posts in before I got this
  8. Vana

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    Shoot Jack in the face. Don't forget to register that gun, though.

    The weather has been insanely nice, I wonder if that will make for a dry summer? Isn't that how it works? How are forest fires in your area? Maybe you can get a hop on a garden sooner.

    Frankly, I'm not sure you really need a site, either. You've posted more information in this thread than you could with any site, and if people are too lazy to read the thread, well, sucks to their asmar. Hope to see some pics some time soon, though.
  9. makihiko

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    lol! you could make your "buyin" an non refundable donation? then if jack wants to leave he will always be welcome home, but you don't have to worry about silly financials?

    because seriously, other than a hippie, who is going to buy land from a bunch of hippies?
  10. the thought was that some of the initial buy in is non refundable say x number of $ for each year spent. also the idea is for cash to go to an investment that pays monthly dividends, and that only the dividends would be touched. that way there would always be cash on hand.

    not my biggest concern now though, want to build it up so people could live year round...
  11. quick post: been out a bunch of times this year already, pond is getting bigger, did a bit of primitive hunting(using a stick we got a squirrel snack and almost got a grouss). Been working on garden, drainage, road access and outhouse. think it's almost time to get on the addition paperwork... we'll see.
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    I was wondering when you will be inviting people to come help. I am readily available. I am in a America so I do have to work out travel plans someone told me you apparently have to have a passport now to go to Canada? I went four years ago and just drove across. I would just like to know if we will all be welcome. Just the basic little details. Sorry if it was all in your posts I am short on time and there are quite a few pages.

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