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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by tourmaline, May 15, 2004.

  1. tourmaline

    tourmaline Member

    alright folks, on this thread lets put out some spontanious writings!:)

    throw me in...
    you - the canopy over my bed
    i'll slide under your folds
    hide in your colour and feel
    your body becoming linen of all colours
    a very refuge

    as the sun rises
    its rays esteem your beauty
    alight our connection
    reciprocate now in end of days
    finally as time wears away
  2. hi

    the covers removed-
    blinding,reflects our day
    an elegance in poetry
    what love -unfolded
    willing .entered undone.
    time floats.
    silently .
    rolls past love.

    just something to add from saff
    love and peace

    {beautiful piece you posted i love the arrangement of emotions
    you have created.}
  3. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    intrigued by amorphous shapes
    that coalesce into waves,
    and cancel the broad stroke
    of the paintbrush of decay.
    absolute infinite consideration
    leads to the birth of a fresh love
    in the dawn of a new day.

    much love :)
  4. Expanding I rise in the sky
    On starlit feathers to the unknown
    Yet I know it will be home
    Here in the heavens is where I belong
    And I have been waiting to fly
    My imagination is set free
    and spirit has come along happily
    For I have died in this moment
    And I no longer fear turning back

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