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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Fizzyliftingdrink, May 12, 2004.

  1. I work at a place called "The Children's Services Unit" on my reserve. It's a place for expecting and new mothers to fellowship and gain information on their babies, and health and just to get support. I had to answer the phones today, which is pretty boring sometimes, and I started to read a book called "Spiritual Midwifery". It's stories about births on The Farm, and the midwives there. It's AMAZING!! It has the first hand accounts of the women who gave birth there and their experiences and the feelings that they had when they experienced the "rushes" (a better name for contractions). I've heard of midwifery and natural childbirth in school, but it was never described like this! These mothers and fathers had religious, psychedelic experiences when they had their babies. And the amazing thing is, that's the way it's supposed to be! It's a natural thing, and it's beautiful and it's Holy!!
    I feel like my eyes have been opened, and I just wanted to share this with everyone, and I would LOVE to hear of anyones experiences with midwifery.
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    Every one who has read Spiritual Midwifery has been touched by that book. It's a real eye opener, isn't it? It's recommended reading for anyone who wants to have a baby, not just a homebirth.

    I had my babies at home, and yes, it can be like that, should be like that. Birth isn't as scary and dreadful as television, movies and Drs would have you believe. It's a beautiful, normal, healthy and powerful process most of the time.
    Read Sheila Kitzenger's books too. :)
  3. I havent read that book but I know how it must have touched people I have read ALOT of books that sound similar to it plus had my own experience(home birht unattended in our bathroom) it was AMAZING! If I was to have more children I would do it the same ALL over again
  4. I've always thought that if I ever get pregnant I would be so nervous and tense that I would just clench up, just because of everything I've seen on t.v. I never thought that Childbirth could be painless and enjoyable.
    A while ago I had a dream that I was pregnant and I was going into labour, and I thought that I would be nervous, but I was excited, and at ease and relaxed. I was really surprised in my dream at how I was reacting. Of course, this was just a dream, and everyone who I told it to said, "Yeah right, it's nothing like that". But now that I have read this book, I realize that it can be.
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    Isn't that book great. Ina Mae Gaskin is just awesome. I never had the priviledge of having a baby with a midwife. But I have given birth 5 times. The first one was with all the drugs and everything the hospital had to offer. It was the worst experience of my life. I never want to go through an awful experience like that again. The next four were totally natural. What a difference!!!!! To go from being drugged and in pain and out of control to being free of drugs and able to concentrate on and control your reactions to the powerful contractions. My last child was a long drawn out painful adoption process. I'll take natural childbirth any time. But I have six wonderful children and seven grandchildren.

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    I met Ina May a few years ago when she attended our Holiday Party as a guest at the Doula Service I was working for.

    What an amazing womyn! She has a new book called "Ina May's Birth Book." I haven't read it yet, but I really want to get one.
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    i would definately reccomend Spiritual Midwifery to any woman (or man) not just someone who is preggers. There is a lot to learn from that book about just life in general.

    I recently met this gal who is due 3 days after myself, who was having a difficult time trying to convince her old man to do home birth. I let her borrow the book, and he was convinced! she is so happy about it all, and much more relaxed about it all.

    Ina May's Birth Book is pretty neat too, although i prefer spritual midwifery. the birth book is a more down to earth explaination about everything that i think is not so "hip" for those close minded people who would probably just toss aside a book with a bunch of hippies in it. that's my opinion anyway.

    I think that if i were ever to follow my calling into midwifery, Spiritual Midwifery would be the book i would give to all of my parents! it is so touching and i feel that birth has been given such a negative image and this is a refreshing insight into how it "should" be.

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    My daughter was delivered by a midwife, in a birth center. I delivered in a jacuzzi tub under the water. It was the most amazing, spiritual experience I have ever had. I would not have done it any other way! I didn't want doctors to deliver my baby, lots of times they like to just cut the babies out... HORRIBLE! I understand if it is necessary, but lots of times it is done without just cause. Yeah, so I decided no doctors for me! I was in a complete meditative state throughout the whole labor and delivery, I didn't fully come out of it until a few days later. I haven't been the same since, in a positive way.

    What a beautiful experience..

    :) peace

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