Spiritual Journey- Advice Desperately Needed!

Discussion in 'U.S.A.' started by bparham79, May 20, 2004.

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    Any and all advice is greatly and sincerely appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    I am a 24 year old college graduate from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I was born in, raised and still reside in the same small conservative city. I have been living in the prototypicaly American work\produce\consume culture that binds and enslaves most young Americans. My life has been a stale drab existance. I have a job, I own a vehicle, have a girlfriend, live with my parents, etc. Sadly, I have no interesting stories, no tales of adventure. However; as an inquisitive individual, my soul is yearning for a significant spiritual overhall.

    I have recently unclosed my passion for writing, for buddhism, and for the spirit of adventure as represented in the writings of Jack Kerouak. I want to feed my inquisitive nature and my lust for knowledge, wisdom and spiritual insight outside of the rigidly structured American educational system.

    I would like to travel the United States via the 'hoof' and the backpack. I plan on selling my vehicle before I embark on my journey out west. I will have between $1-$2,000 cash for the trip. My main points of destination are California, Oregon, and wherever else the wind takes me I suppose. I would like to make frequent resting stops in various parts of the country to absorb the culture, meet new people, and re-establish funds via the part-time job. I am hoping to find a buddhist retreat where I can work and study the teachings. I am not certain whether I will return to my home area, as my main objective over the last 6 years has been to move at all costs. My girlfriend may or maynot be joining me on my travels.

    My overall traveling goals are to make significant intellectual and spiritual advancements during my travels through real world experiences, return to college in a liberal, warm-climated city, and pursue a literary career. I don't know of anyone that has partaken in such a journey.

    All practical advice is greatly appreciated. Such as: transportation methods (I was hoping to hop trains and hitchike, I have even entertained the idea of riding my mountain bike. Funds needed? Is 1-2 grand enough? Any books, magazines, websites or other reference material that might come in handy? Anyone who wants to join me is certainly welcome!!! Anyone embark on such a journey?

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    I have often fancied a hoofing it across America journey, but I have yet to do it. I have traveled extensively via cars throughout the U.S.
    What I would recommend is to find Rainbow gatherings, ever heard of the SCA? and go from there. You will be able to find rides.
    If you are looking for a spiritual journey i can give you some hints on where to hit -

    Oregon's coast.
    I lived in Seaside Hostel, just south of the Washington boarder it's very nice there in August. Further down the coast, don't miss Arcata which is located in Humboldt County, CA. Lots of hippies and kindness.
    Further down the coast, I found what I felt was the spiritual epicenter of California at Big Sur, great camping and hiking there.
    If you are inland, east of Scacramento go to Nevada City Califorania and find Utah Phillip's wife's new age book store.
    There are lots of beaches to camp on in CA and OR. Late summer is best out there because early summer can be pretty rainy making some of the nice hiking and camping spots unreasonable.
    Urban spost for cool times and people on the west coast:
    Eugene Oregon, very granola and kind folks there.
    Berkeley, just east of San Fran, across the bay, find Telegraph street, I'm sure you can find rides and willingly homeless kids with blue hair from all over. Then if you make it to Southern Cali - go visit Venice Beach. That my friend is the main nerve of America's funky cool weird. No place in America is weirder or cooler for adventures than Venice Beach, CA. Find the Venice Beach hostel, 1515 Pacific Ave. Venice Beach, Mark runs the hostel. If you have some creative talent you would like to contribute to the community he would be interested in housing you. I am a story teller, so he let me stay, my room mate was from Southeastern Asia and told fortunes on the beach for a living. Lots of creative and spiritual adventures in California.

    Good Luck! I hope I was at least some help in giving you some insight on cool places.
    I hosteled up and down the west coast a few summers ago. There's lots of great hostels on the west coast full of amazing and interesting people.
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    "If you should go, no one may follow, that path is for your steps alone"
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    avoid the SCA, the group is very consumer and NOT enlightened.

    Rainbow trail is possible, see www.welcomehome.org for contacts. priny the guide and ask at each house where to go from there. Read up on others who have taken the journey. Peter Jenkins (Walk West, Walk West 2) William Least Heat Moon (Blue Highways) are good starting points. Try to find a copy of Vagabonding in America, and know this country has dramatically changed.
    If you go on foot, be prepared for it to be a long road with little food or comfort. biking would help across the long empty spaces. plan your route, plan check ins wit hthe fam, and write your experiences. Expect to shed many things, your relationship with your gal among them. People need to grow in similar directions and rates.
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    If you have not already, read "Into the Wild" by John Krakauer, before you set out. It is the true story of a young man who set out on a journey like you propose.

    It is a cautionary tale, well worth reading.

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