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Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by gaiafollower, Jul 15, 2012.

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    Back in 1979 I was at the Armadillo World Trade Center Bar in Austin Texas and I met a hippie who sold me a grocery bag half full of fresh Peyote for $15.00. I ate 7 buttons and went to Belton Lake and spent the night talking to Buddha while the water glimmered in rainbow colors. I had so many profound insights that still live with me to this day. Do any of you fellow posters use cacti for the spiritual enlightenment aspect only? If so please tell me of your experiences and if they profoundly changed you.
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    I want to know if Peyote is similar in effect/affect to Mescaline?

    I remember taking once what I was told was mescaline (years and yearsa ago), and feeling a "oneness with everything", if that makes sense. I also remember much, much laughter.
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    I'm very confused with this. Because I always thought mescaline was the active ingredient in peyote. Like psilocybin is to mushrooms. And that San Pedro was just known for having different amounts of mescaline per cacti and peyote was better.. I'm very confused about it.

    But sounds great OP. I was gonna try and do mushrooms this week, and couldn't find them. And I might actually peyote!! I plan having a very spiritual trip on it, and will certainly share it if I do. I've never done peyote before
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    For laughs...anybody remember this scene from Young Guns?

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    Mescaline is the primary alkaloid in Peyote but Peyote also has a whole bunch of other psychoactive alkaloids as well that change the effects. A similar comparison would be like weed compared to isolated THC.

    I have no experience with Peyote but I do have experiences with San Pedro, I didn't find it particularly 'spiritual' however I did find it extremely therapeutic and cleansing. To my understanding, Peyote has more of a dreamy, almost deleriant type aspect to it that is not found in the other cacti or in the isolated mescaline experience.
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    Those must have been large buttons to only need 7... back then that usually was par for the course though. Today in Texas one is considered lucky to get medicine larger than a half-dollar which aren't extremely potent. The gardens are so choked from harvesting too much that now one has to eat way more than 7 for a strong experience truly worthy of the sacrifice of the cactus' life. Things are different in Mexico though. 7 buttons out of the desert around Real de Catorce would have you talking to the spirits. Big medicine, I mean the size of a fist or larger.
    Yes I seek this Peyote's help for spiritual and medicinal purposes because the creator ordained it to be that way. It's like a doctor you go see when you are sick, or having a hard time in life. I wouldn't call it a recreational thing, and a lot of people who chase that in peyote end up disappointed. Mescaline is one facet of the experience and is completely minor to the totality of what the medicine really does.
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    Whenever I am on Mescaline, I strongly agreed with my friends that we weren't "high" in the traditional sense, and much more "open" to spiritual things (if that makes any sense). It feels as though a switch in my brain is flipped, and I can see the world in a way I would normally ignore (everything alive and in nature is connected in some way). Feels much more than just a drug, that's for sure!

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