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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by RainyDayHype, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    I mentioned in an unrelated thread that I've been seeing and sensing spirits and I thought I'd just make a thread for the subject.

    I think I actually made a post a couple of months ago about feeling a negative spirit around me, I feel that spirit has either gone now or I just got good at ignoring it. Currently, I feel several different presences around me. I'm looking for advice on how to differentiate between them. I'm not sure if they are spirits, ghosts, angels, or something else.

    I don't feel that any of the presences are negative but some make me feel uncomfortable.

    1)I often feel someone/thing behind me or approaching me from behind
    2)Then I've had a ghostly woman figure frantically approach my face
    3) I also see shadows and movement constantly out of the corner of my eyes
    4) my 8 month old daughter seems to see something when she looks up and smiles

    so that would be at least 4 different presences around me...I also sometimes see and feel my cat who passed away...

    Can anyone tell me what each of these presences might be?
  2. old_crone

    old_crone Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Hi RainyDay

    Because you had ask me earlier and I had not gotten back to you, of which I apologise here is a different way to look at the energy you feel around you.

    We have many past lives. We come through to experience life, humanity, and consequences. When we die with unfinished business, or great insight into our souls we will leave a thread of that life time attached to the one we are now in. This happens in the Akashic records as we plan this life time. What you are discribing in the energies around you are these threads being plucked much like a string on an instrument is plucked. The faces, presence, and connection is different parts of you 1. finishing unfinished business, 2. reminding you of deeper truths inside you, 3. recoding your growth in this life and 4. setting up your life review when you leave the flesh behind this time around. You are learning to become one with all that you are. Next time you feel a presence or energy or what you call a spirit stop what you are doing , close your eyes, and gently breathe. Ask this energy what they have to show you, tell you, or what you can do for them. You will find your own heart resonating with the thread of yourself and feel more whole in a sacredness you have longed to feel.

    Ghost, Energy Imprints, Emotional forms, Spirits and entities have a different energy and resonation than the ones you are describing.
  3. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    Thank you very much for the response. I did feel a connection with the woman. I don't fully understand what exactly the feeling of being watched and approached from behind means though. (another part of myself checking up on me?..or maybe a part of me I'm shedding? this energy is intense) I will try the exercise you suggested and ask.
  4. Seoaros

    Seoaros Guest

    Fear is learned, but it is also a choice. Same with any emotion, but it's in our nature to experience those. I'm curious to know what the woman's intentions are. If you feel uncomfortable about it, but don't feel her as a threat, then I can assume that you fear the power that she holds, which you have mentioned her aura or presence is intense. I'll take a guess that she is very strong-willed, but there is obviously more than just that. Tune to her, but have caution. It seems she is there for a reason, involving either you, or your family.
  5. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    The energy that mostly makes me feel uncomfortable is the feeling of being watched and being approached from behind. The woman is a different energy and I do feel like she was trying to tell me something and looking back on the experience, I feel I should have felt more frightened than I did. It happened really fast and I think when I got startled is when she disappeared. She was near my face and actually sort of on top of me, kind of hard to explain. There's another energy I forgot to mention that seems to move the window blinds vigorously...
  6. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    Can you describe what is felt when these entities are around?
  7. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker

    I'd be actually interested in understanding (or whatever) what is felt also.

    There are times - varying times in my life - that I've felt the definite presence of spiritS.

    There are other times (but not many) I've wondered if I was in some way contacting another part of myself, even a past life...

    However, at no point, do I not have the "knowledge" (more than a feeling ;) ) that I am not alone.
  8. old_crone

    old_crone Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Glad you both asked. Just taught this in class this past few weeks. Even now have the different energies set up in my kitchen Its amazing to be able to step into the different energies and forms. One lady said its like walking into individual gardens...they are all gardens but very different in the seeds that are gowing. But I am getting carried away, lets jump into your questions. This is the short explanation.

    Ghost have form and will communicate. They are bound to answer you when you ask them a question. They take on many different reasons for being here and are not just here for our entertainment. Some reasons are fear, getting lost, do not know they are dead, resolution, forgiveness, addictions, promises, to name a few.

    Energy Imprints are a picture of something that moves on a rodents wheel going no where and will not respond. Much like a negitive to a photo.

    Emotional forms are forms that are molded by intense emotions and take on a life of their own. Much like a childs tempertantrum. These are about control and they feed off emotions.

    Spirits are Beings without form but have the ability to take on a form when needed.

    Entities are much like gossip and become knowledge that lives to explore what it understands. These can seem very real, or Ghost like at times.

    Memories of past life selves are parts of our awareness that are going through transition and helping us see the bigger picture. They are like butterflies in a garden.

    Here is an example: A Ghost will be the ice cube. An Energy Imprint will be the picture of the ice cube. An emotional Form will want you to feel the ice cube melting down your chest and dripping between the clevage of your breast. Spirits will make ice cubes. Entities will tell stories about ice cubes. And a Past Life energy will ask you to remember times you made ice cubes from and for different reasons.

    These energies only have the power you give them. Emotions are like food and can both destroy, or assist in healing.

    Here is another example: Lynnbrown in the past life before coming through this time you ran an orphanage. You were often called the Iron Lady because you demanded the rules be followed. You often felt isolated from your own needs and even now need to know your life has made a differance. You dismiss fools easily and yet dream of a perfect world where people do not harm others. You hate injustice and yet have a heart that has no limits to the love and compassion you feel inside you. You wish the same respect offered would be returned and yet are not afraid to stand your ground. Many of these past life energies have stayed with you in this life. In the orphanage you had a hand sewn picture that said, {A person is validated by what they do....not what they say they do.} This is a time of change for you. Yes, this is where you will make a differance and put a dent in wall many have around them. If we all light a candle there will be a greater light around us. Just be creative as people will begin to wake up.

    Reminds me of the farmer who had horses. He applied to the town for a permit to build a shelter for the horses. He was denied. After many nights of lost sleep he set about building a table with two chairs. These were magnificant. They were big enough for small giant children to sit in....just in case any giant children came to visit. There was no permit against the table and the chairs. Now on hot summer days and in drenching rain the horses gather under the table and chairs for shelter.

    Our Beliefs, Perceptions and how we see and remember our selves will color our worlds both in and around us.

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