Spiced Hot Chocolate! mmmm....

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    for anyone who enjoys a mug of chocolate milk, then you'll LOVE this!

    in a coffee bean grinder, grind up the following into a fine powder:
    * 1 large dried jalapeno pepper
    * 1 tblsp white sugar
    * 1 tblsp brown sugar
    * 1 4" cinnamon stick
    * 1/2 tsp ginger powder
    * 10 whole cloves
    * 4 coffee beans
    * optional: 1 whole vanilla bean
    Mix this powder up with 2 tblsp cocoa powder. Store in a cool dry place.

    Mix a tsp of this (or more to your liking) in a mug of hot milk. If you can't find a vanilla bean, then add a teeny bit of vanilla extract into the mug. If you want, add a shot of esspresso into it, that's good too! Top with a teeny bit of whip cream and let it warm you up on a cold day or if you're stargazing on a warm summer night!

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