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  1. Okay, I have done Adderal which I consider speed. I took it, it was a capsule. If gave me some amazing effects, I felt fast, I had to be doing something, cleaning a house, smoking a cig, just anything i could do, i had fun. Lasted about 10 hours.

    My brother told me about he did speed. It was a pill form, he said the pill was so small he didnt feel it go down his throat, he thought he dropped it. Although he said it lasted 20 hours, he said his heart beat so fast he is surprized he didnt die. He said it made him feel out of breath and tired, only worst then ever before. He said it was so bad he was ready to wake my parents for the emergency room. He said was the most miserable time of his life.

    Who had the real speed? was he doing a stronger kind or what? Im confuzed. My bro said the guy who gave it to him said it was speed and before he took it asked if my bro had heart conditions.
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    Well your brother could just be someone who's really sensative to the effects of speed, but I've never seen any kind of speed that was a pill as small as he says it was. "Speed" is a relative term though, here speed refers to generally adderall, dexadrine and such, while if you went down south and mid-west, speed generally refers to meth.

    But back to the original point, I <3 amphetamines
  3. i personally think of speed as any amphetamine.. so yea.. meth would be the main speed.. but i live in a 3 college town.. so the "speed" around here is adderall
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    Yep, maybe his was a higher mg.
    I fuckin hate amphetamines/stimulants, personally.

    Sometimes they mix well with an opiate, though.

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