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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by ravenapples, May 24, 2004.

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    a golden bow

    a frozen flow
    not freezing water
    making. but pausing
    bodivistas in the moment
    to examine their resistance
    to slings and arrows

    drifting in a out of
    trance the dancers start
    to materbate the issue,
    which isn't sex.
    monkey's nails wrap spine
    smells like
    harsher addiction


    Alan says we
    shouldn't choke
    after ideal
    or over ether
    under glass (A. Chid whispers selfcontained
    wrider's made paper bleed blue truth
    in passing

    Down I go, falling up
    mantra incomplete
    eyelid landscape
    orange aura
    flesh ripple taunt
    going grey before
    my time,
    the mourning birds
    notice my sorrow but
    I still got
    ill grief to fly with them.
  2. sunflowerAlys

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    i have an orange aura apparently

    but sometimes its blue

    i think the poem is pretty streched out

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