Sound Levitated Drops Form Bubbles

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    Sound waves can make bubbles in levitated drops of liquid

    Weird title, sounds trivial, but if they can do it with a liquid superconductor they can rewrite Boyle's Law and Mach's Conjecture, because a superconductor cannot superconduct in the presence of a magnetic field and magnetic fields are proportional to temperature. This is a stupid experiment that can be done in any small room in any lab in the world, and my guess is we will have a theory of everything within six months to a year. That's the second more or less definitive evidence this week we are rapidly going down the rabbit hole all at once. Taoists say its the simple shit that always gets you, and this experiment is as simple and straightforward as it gets, and will lead to a theory of everything and nothing, meaning the pies-in-the-face from their research results are about to become cosmic in size. It is the ancient Chinese blessing and curse, while the Irish drink and tell jokes at funerals.

    I don't drink, but I do believe I'll have another toke.
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