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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Archemetis, Jun 3, 2004.

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    can anyone else see them? its basically like reading an aura but focusing on the face, and watching it morph into soul faces. im just curious as to what it all means...i havent been able to find much information on them.
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    Hi Archemetis

    1. Soul faces are usually refered to as past life reflections, or energies that are still attached in the energy body. They are different than...

    2. Aura reflections, or walk in spirits, and, or guides.

    Each of these vary with a combination of circumstances, and life path.

    3. This can also be the reflections of spirits, and people who have crossed over due to death, and have not released the physical world. They tend to attach to a willing host, or in some cases its just family members looking over loved ones.

    So to define which is which do not stop at the aura reading but use a combination of aura, energy body, medium, and psychic awareness. Often dreams can, and do provide added information as to which is which.

    The other thing is some people act as reflectors, and what you are seeing is any one of the above reflecting from you much like in a mirror.

    Hope that helps.
  3. loverofthewoods

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    do you have any idea what a shadow engulfing ones face would indicate?
  4. kissin_the_clouds

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    I seen things in my face before..but its i dont do it..haha..

    but i dont kno wat that means.

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