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    so cute! i just signed a petition for a campaign for petsmart to stop breed discrim.

    they run a doggie daycare in some places and wont allow pit bulls (or any other "bully" breeds i think)

    it makes me sick. these pit bulls are truely the victims.
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    Yes it is wrong. If there were tougher laws for those who abuse and mistreat their animals, there would be less mean dogs. This law in Cali means that my aunt, who lives alone in the desert and has had her house broken into twice before she got Scotty, a pit/lab mix, will have to go back to being scared of PEOPLE. He is s wonderfully loving dog.
    Even though Coco is not a pit or a pit mix (she's lab and chessie) We have to worry that someone will accuse her of being a pit. Even though she has never bit or been aggressive, we would face $1000 in fines and up to 1 yr in jail just for having a loving dog. However, the Chow down the road that has bit 6 people to my knowledge, including my daughter and my hubby when he intervened, and sent a 1yo baby to the hospital to get 23 stitches in the face. His owners were made to neuter him and get his shots, thats it, nothing more. And he still lives out on the chain, rain or sun with very little human interaction. Damn, they weren't even fined.

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