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Discussion in 'Health' started by Rayeine, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Rayeine

    Rayeine Member

    Sometimes my jaw get's really sore for no apparent reason...sometimes I think it may be my sleeping in a certain way, or grinding my teeth at night..I'll have this pain on the left side of my jaw when I eat, it will be really tender, and then i kind of have to baby it for a few days until the pain goes's a recurring thing, but I think it may be due to some habit i do on occasion in my sleep...I dont really know..This time it's pretty bad. Most likley also a factor that I've had some insomnia reciently.. I hit my jaw mountain biking about 3 years or so ago..and it's always been kinda not quite "flow" when i open my mouth (it's hard to explain)..I've never thought it a big thing, since it really dosen't cause me any trouble..except for ..well now..and a few months ago. Annyways, this has been quite the paragraph on my jaw bone, I was just hoping someone could inform me about whats going on, or if anyone has had this happen to them, share some ways of how to prevent it happening? Any more info would be awesome..

  2. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Um this is called something. Something mandibular syndrome or something. Its caused by grinding your teeth. Try to sleep on your back. In chinese medicine grinding teeth is commonmly seen as a symptom of repressed sexuality or something. Or it could be worms in your intestines. My jaw gets sore at times. Sometimes it makes a noise when I open my mouth too wide. I happened upon something about it in natural healing book I was flipping through awhile ago. It may be a good idea to get a tooth guard from your dentist as you might scrape the enamel off your teeth. sorry I couldn't be more specific. You can usualy get rid of intestinal parasites with a cleanse and cleansing diet from your local health food store.
  3. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    mine has been like this since i was about 13. One day i just woke up and my mouth was in so much pain, i didn't know what was going on. I went to the dentist and he told me it's from grinding my teeth in my sleep, so he gave me a mouthguard that i never ever used cuz it made me, now my jaw is really gross, and when i open my mouth it makes a loud crunching sound...i swear it sounds like a train wreck...and when i open my mouth, my mouth isn't oval shaped like it's supposed to be....the bottom half is like slightly to the right...i hate it...anyways, talk to your dentist about it. I've managed to ignore mine over time....i barely notice i yawn or something and other people are like, "oh my god was that your jaw" and it reminds me how gross i am.
  4. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    Ok ok,,,this is my area of expertise..i work in a tmj facial pain treatment center!!! this disease hits women more than men...i can't believe you guys have means temporal mandibular is a problem w/ your jaw joint..they are not seated in the right place..lucy u say it pops and grinds ... that is a sure sign of it..and cleching and grinding teeth is also a sure getting hit in the jaw, well that will definetly give you tmd...all of the things u mentioned are on our questionare!!!! does ur cheeks hurt? what about ur temporal u get headaches...? do u grind at night? what about clench during the daytime ??? are ur shoulders ever sore or trapezius muscles ??? what we do at my office is give u a thing called a is an oral a night is made to fit your mandibular teeth and u wear it all day everyday (except when eating) and it rotates your condiles back into the proper position while retraining your's really interesting..after a year of wearing it and coming in monthly to get it adj. you get out of the splint and we do what is called an ur teeth hit only on one side ? or heavier in one place?? see we equillabrate the enamel and make u have an even bite all the way around..once ur equillabrated and thru splint therapy u recieve a night guard and ur cured! the doctor i work for also takes before and after mri's to show u the progress..his treatment is 99.5 percent effective..if ur not treated it will only get worse and worse..u can damage ur joints sooo badly by the time your old u may not be able to even move ur jaw..this is a very serious problem..and don't go to a general dentist cuz they will do what lucy said..just make u a piece of shit night guard not worrying about the joint position and it can actually damage more than help..u need to look up for a doctor that is involved in tmj facial pain and treatment...someone who goes to the national equillabraion society lectures and the piper lectures...someone who is formally trained...where do u live..i will help u find a doctor to help u...???
  5. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    i'd say TMJ. you can get medical weed for that in some states. (blessing in disguise)
  6. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    in my professional experience pot makes jaw pain worse....

    and tmj stands for temporal mandibular joint..everyone has that..

    tmd is the disorder of the joint...

    :) :) :)

    i really wanna help this girl..this is what i do everyday for a living...!!!!

    i feel so bad for these people that live w/ this and never get any answers..
  7. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Is there treatment available in Canada? I'm pretty sure I have it. Is there anything I can do to help it without getting treated?
  8. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    I am sure there are tmj trained dds in candada....sadly there is nothing you can do to treat it w/ out formal treatment...
  9. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    What is a dds? I'm sure there are some things I can do without formal treatment, I found some stuff on it in a home remedy book.
  10. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    Yes but those home remody books are not clinically right....sure u can take an anti inflamitory and it should calm down the inflammed muscles...but there is nothing u can do at home to really correct the that i mean rotating ur condiles back in place..u cannot do that w/ out a trained professional...

    and dds is just another term for general dentist...standing for doctor of dental surgery...:) but yes..u really need a doctor THAT IS FORMALLY TRAINED IN TMD !!!!

    sorry about the dental terms !!!
  11. Moonjava

    Moonjava Senior Member

    Yeah man, I have TMJ. I thought I had an ear infection, because the inflamed joints are so close to the ear canal and can even pop your ear drum if it gets bad enough! Mine has gotten better because *besides prayer* I bought a football mouthpiece at walmart and boiled it in water for a couple minutes, then bit down so it would fit the shape of my teeth. So I wear it when I sleep(well, not so much anymore) and it really does help! Also, I quit chewing so much gum. I am a former pothead who bought a bag of weed for this condition. My cuz gave me a hydrocodone and it didn't do anything! But the herb really took the pain away. Also, it helps you to relax... TMJ is a stress-related disorder so if you are going through stressful times, you really need to take some downtime. Take care of yourself (not to mention your teeth!) My TMJ has really gotten better over the last few months, so I don't use weed for it anymore, but OUCHIE!! It is painful and I'm sorry you're having to go through it. There is hope, though. Trust me, mine has gotten so much better. And my aunt used to suffer with the same disorder, but she is totally TMJ free today. I recommend prayer most of all.

  12. Moonjava

    Moonjava Senior Member

    Also, I was advised to see a dentist and a chiropractor, so maybe that would help you. Of course, the dentist is just going to charge you boucoup bucks for a mouthpiece when you can get one at walmart like I said in my above post. But a chiropractor would probably be worth checking into.
  13. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Thanks moonjava:) Thats helpful, I think I'll go see a chiropractor.
  14. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    I just have to add..if u r gonna go to a chiropracter DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH UR's very important...we tell all of our patients who see chiropracters to keep them away from ur head and upper neck...they can make the tmd worse..

    please listen to what i am telling you people..i am very serious and all the info about splint therapy is the only way to correct this disorder of the tmj.....i work in a tmj facial pain treatment center / general dentistry office..i see these sorts of things daily...
  15. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Rar1013, I travel all the time and simply cannot commit to being somewhere for the xtent of time that it takes to rectify this problem. Not to mention i don't have the money to pay a dentist for monthly visits. I don't really know what to do. Could you post a list of syptoms of the disorder so I and others can see if we actually have it?

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