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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by fitzy21, May 13, 2004.

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    God i am so stoned right now. I smoked somre really primo weed tonight. My tolerance is really low and i smoked soooo much tongith, great feeling.

    heres some of the stuff that has happened tonight:

    we told my sisters friend that she dropped her pockets and she kept looking down at the floor and we kept telling her. it was so freaking funny, we laughed and laughed, i a still laugh when i think of it right now.

    - this section is all about some fire ladder
    trying to fix a metal wire-framed ladderd while stoned is reaally funny.

    so my sister brings this metal wire-framed fire ladder out after spilling water on it. so my sis aks's me to hold the bottom end of the ladder and i say ok and then she saw a thing to fix so she took that bottom back and then she handed it right back to me and i said i just had this - and then i just go into a fulltime laughter, it was so funny.

    later on, we started to fix the ladder again. when my sis handed me the bottopm parrt of the ladder, i started to play a game with trappeze men from the circus swing back and forth and do flips and stuff.

    then i started to use the ladder as a sleigh with reindeer and i thought i was the Santa Claus man guy. hahaha

    then later on i asked if the wire on the ladder is connected throught the whole ladder thing or is the wire cut off in segments. then all over again. and then my sister said it was continous thoughout the whole ladder. and then i said it is one of the questions we will never know the answer to. then my sis said we can find out. then i started laughing and my sis said i was stoned
    --end ladder thing

    on the floor next to the ladder was a leapard print type blankert. i thought it was a fish. Whenever someone stepped near or even on the blanket, i would hiss at them
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    you must be really high.
  3. TheFriendlyStranger

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    My message is too short.
  4. dj_reegz

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    fuck you were messed up. the only time I've been that messed up is after dropping LSD and smoking 5 joints and a couple bowls. That was at an underground rave where I had decided it was high (get it high - im not stoned I swear) time for another drug binge. There were lotsa trippy things to look at and my one of my friends was spinning psy and trance in the 3-5 shift it rocked!

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