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Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by Mui, May 23, 2004.

  1. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    my friend called me and she was like "You wanna hang out" so we go off, in this other guys car... hes like freakishly tall, not cute at all... than he turns out to be gay... so than she starts asking him a lot of questions about his sexuality and everything and he was telling us how he wanted to experiment with guys... but this guy never even touched a girl before... and hes like 18 years old too.. so before you know it they start suggesting 3somes and things like that going on somewhere... and i was like trying to avoid the guy... but hes a nice guy, he could be a whipped extremely easy... he really wanted a lil action.... so at the end of the night i let both of them give me head in the back of my car.. because im a whore, and my other friend (the girl), is hot.

    the thing is though, when the guy would go on ide get all limper... this guy seriously did nothing for me at all... hes ruining my gayness and I dont like it... becuase I know im really attracted to other men... just not like him

    but i figured eh, fuck it... all i have to do is sit back and close my eyes.

    Most random thing ever... comments?questions?rude remarks? Other stories?
  2. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    Yet another stereotype for straight people to avoid. Just because we're interested in guys doesn't mean we're interested in ALL guys. We have our likes and dislikes as well.
  3. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    amen brotha!
  4. Patch

    Patch Member

    that is so true...a common misconseption for gays is that they have no standards...they want to fuck everyone of the same sex...guys around here say that being gay is fine...just as long as a gay guy doesn't hit on them...and i say...don't flatter yourself.
  5. Legend

    Legend Member

    Out Of All The Gay/Bi Guys I Know, There Is A Small Percentage That Could Get Me Horny! I Also Like Chubby Chicks With A Bubbly Personality! Its Not Exactly Peoples Looks, But There Personality That Makes Me Willing To Fuck! I Dunno... If We Click, The Sex Is Wonderful... Its A Bit Strange, But Thats Me...:)
  6. wish that happened to me mui! i always get close to 3somes but most people just arent willing to do anything more than flirt, why is that?
  7. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    Probably because the fantasy of it is more exciting than the reality, or the reality of it is too uncomfortable to proceed. When one actually has an opportunity for a threesome, many times someone will chicken out at the last minute. At least that's my experiences.
  8. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    we agreed to find someone cuter before we do that again... lol...
  9. yeah, one of the few "curious" girls I know that's my age always comes on to me and for some reason assumes that I'll want to hook up with her. I think this is more a trend of assumption among the questioning than among those secure in some sort of identity.
  10. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    i just hope the guy will leave me alone now haha... hes not gettin anything else... We've found our next student though...


    I <3 Life

    and sex

  11. yeah rocknroll_gurl i know what u mean. girls tend to get curious and assume you'll get with them if the opportunity arises...
    a friend of mine is straight but has claimed to be curious for a few years and flirted with me a tad but she just leads me on, and its frustrating coz about 3 years ago i had a thing for her, but now im over it. and when she flirts im just thinkin "nah man... go get curious with someone else"...

    and thats my life story.
  12. butterfly

    butterfly Member

    Hm I remember one girl, coming up to me and my friends and asking if we were bi.

    Her: Are YOU bi?
    Me: Yes
    Her: Will you kiss me then?
    Me: *stares in disbelief* No! [you ugly try-hard trendy]

    I think she randomly asked another of my friends out...
  13. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    I'm bi, not easy.

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