Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Niko_1080, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Niko_1080

    Niko_1080 Member

    Godfuckindamnit I Gave My Money To Some Kid To Get Me Weed And He Gave It To A Guy And Now Thwe Guys Not Gimmee Any Fukin Thing And Im Only 14 And Hes Fukin Gr 12 And Hes Like Mega Popular So I Fukin Cant Do A Godamn Thing About It It Was 40 Fuckin Bucks And Im Gonna Kill Sombody Here
  2. Talk to the kid that you originally gave it to. Sorry 'bout that, I know that's gotta fucking suck.
  3. Niko_1080

    Niko_1080 Member

    yeah ill try that but fuck hes a monster , damn weight training
  4. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    shit happens man.

    i've lost a ton of money in weed transactions.
  5. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    that sux man, but a word of advise...never give ur money to some1 who says hes gunna get from a friend etc, the less ppl handling ur money the better, go get the weed from the dealer urself, then u arent ready to smoke it, also dont by from seniors that r much "larger" from u, ive found buying form ppl withing a year or 2 of ur age is better *usually* and if u get it form a friend then thats better, i learned the hard way also i lsot 25 bux to a guy who said he would get me X and never did
  6. PeRrY

    PeRrY Member

    Get some brass knuckles and Lay his ass out with one shot. If you can't get any of those, a lighter or a roll of quarters clenched in your fist will bloody him up nicely.

    If you let him get away with it once, he'll try ripping you off again, in some way, Or if its not you it'll be someone else. Someone has to teach him a lesson.
  7. PsyChOStaLk3r

    PsyChOStaLk3r Member

    Perry's right there...u need to show this bully what your made of, beat his ass, fill a sock with some coins and hit him as hard as u can when he's alone then take his wallet, shoes, shirt, hat, anything at all and run for it!!!!:p
  8. Niko_1080

    Niko_1080 Member

    then the next day at school somone would shoot me or stab me
  9. The guy is 12 for god's sake! He can't have that much serious back up. You should try talking to the kid anyway, instead of using violence.

    Or just jump him while wearing a ski-mask.
  10. he is in grade 12 he said, but a 12 year old bully would be funny!!!!

    I thought the 'gr' before 12 was just a noise of fustration.
  12. tpgi

    tpgi Member

    i like how ppl act real tuff online(yes i ment to spell tuff like that)...any wat i would do is talk to the kid that has ur money and just say that he has 40 dollars of urs so u want an 8th or watever u were expecting to get with the weed, and just tell him that if he doesnt give u any weed then ull never buy from him again and it would end up loosing him business. And if that doesnt work please dont try to beat up this kid or jump him when hes not looking cuz u will end up getting really badly hurt most likely. I guess the lesson to be learnt here is shit happens
  13. reef

    reef Member

    don't be a puss. go up to the guy and ask for your weed. if he says he doesn't know what your talking about, then fuck it... you got jacked and rightfully so for being a dumbass.

    anyways ask the dude for his cell number and now you got yourself a hook-up

    maybe if you want you can explain to him what happened and he'll probably lay down a fat dub for you.
  14. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    I'm mostly a peaceful guy, but 40 dollars is a lot of money where i come from. Mash his skull in, It doesnt matter how big he is, one of you are gonna get your ass kicked, dont be afraid to lose fights, just like on Friday, You win some and you lose some. I wouldnt care if he beat the shit out of me, just as long as i got one good unsuspecting punch in. And this is coming from a pacifist, but getting fucked over isnt right.

    And the guy that says shit happens, I hate when people say stuff liek that, stuff like "life aint fair deal with it" well fuck that, if it aint fair you should make it fair and do what you gotta do.

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