sonnet the second

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Major Peacenik, Jan 11, 2005.

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    My Alaska

    A kite a bug a bird a steeple high,
    A cloud a plane a banshee's wailing shriek.
    Each visage that I see within a cloud
    Reminds me of the love I've yet to seek.

    A leaf a breeze a burn a flower bright,
    A weathered, mushroomed, lichen-covered tree.
    Each lovely grain of life within my sight
    Reveals my cold indifference to me.

    The sunshine that seeks enterence to my heart
    Translates to grey, a muted waryness
    A creeping vine of smile speaks not its part,
    And all contentment's tinged with restlessness.

    Oh gods of global warming, hear my prayer,
    Come melt away my outer ozone layer.

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