Sometimes I Think God Is Just Something We Think About In Our Heads.

Discussion in 'Agnosticism and Atheism' started by Gangster Guru, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Agree, very underrated response.
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  2. TimeTurner037

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    maybe not everyone can relate, but if you grew up praying, that was like a pivotal moment of existence was when your realize you might just be alone in your head.
  3. Asmodean

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    It just made sure for me there's not someone gonna answer to it like in a literal way. Some personal prayers seem rather ridicilous to me anyway (no offense, just being bluntly honest), and if those people get dissapppointed with God or Jesus' answer (or lack thereof) yeah...
    I actually felt relaxed because of praying far more often than lonely or alone or unanswered. I mean when they say knock and the door will open they don't mean a literal door either ;) (my proverbial door's still open :p). Same with expecting some divine happening or realisation during or after a prayer.
  4. themnax

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    i love god-like beings. i hug them and squeeze them and call them george. its just when people call wanting to be feared a good thing, that i don't buy.
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    Aristotle loved to say this.

    What is strange to me is why no one has popularized the connection between Aristotle, and Heisenberg, who gave us the principle of uncertainty.

    I mean....He said it with MATH ​that there is a fundamental limit to scientific precision.

    Which means when someone says they "know" something, it resonates, affects, and concerns all people, places, and things.

    Even if you said something like "My computer screen is in front of me", and you and I can agree because we can see it with our eyes and feel it with our hands, it is an appeal to common sense.

    Well, common sense as far as we know only exists on a very, very small percentage of planet our heads. Which is a very, very small percentage of the entire universe.

    Not to mention that communication between human beings is grossly inaccurate.


    TL;DR: An explanation is only useful in guiding someone in a direction. And that direction is never certain.

    Which is why Socrates gave us this gem: I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think

    A lot of people like to bag on stone aged men like they were stupid, but this guy beat Heisenberg by 2,500 years.
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  6. themnax

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    all of the names we've made up, for the universal wonder of strangeness, are all names we've made up.
    but remove the vail of names, and the wonder is a thing we experience all the more.

    what is it? why does it exist? this i don't know. some say a god or many.
    you can see it in a rainbow if you know where to look,
    people need consideration, and to shun their own aggressiveness,
    if the idea of a god helps them do this, that is good,
    but fear is not what anyone needs.

    to explore is the good thing that is in many creaturs,
    to create is the gift that is unique to our own,
    if it even is.

    (by unique to our own, i mean only on our planet,
    in other solar systems there are planets some of which may harbor life equally sapient to our own)

    (and of course they will have their own beliefs, their own ways of seeing the wonder of strangeness,
    but the wonder itself is universal, even if no name for it is)
  7. pineapple08

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    And God is dead.
  8. wilsjane

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    Sometimes I feel that I must be God.
    Every time that I pray, it just feels like I am talking to myself. LOL
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  9. I pray several times per day. That is how the communication goes with God. We pray to him and he speaks to us through the bible.
  10. Mountain Valley Wolf

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    A funny thing about that-----I wandered into a Hindu temple one day, and they told me I was God! I mean, who would have thought? They tried to tell me some other things, but I didn't listen---I mean---why should I? I'm God!

    I'm kind of upset that my parents didn't tell me. Shouldn't they have prepared me somehow? Seriously, if I'm going to rule over the universe, shouldn't I be prepared in some manner for that task? ...wait, maybe they didn't even know, after all, I don't even know how I became God.

    So I guess that means that, like, I own everything. Does that mean I don't have to pay for anything anymore? How does the Queen of England do it, does she just take what she wants? Maybe I should call her...
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  11. David0301

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    there is a total misunderstanding going on in all religions about what god is. No religion is better/worse than another in this regard. But, ironically, all point fingers at each other. Every single religion has far deviated from their prophet and scripture. I have spent lots of time reading,studying and it really amazes me how a devoted christian, eg, does not see that he in fact is the biggest enemy of jesus. or how a muslim is the biggest enemy of mohammed. Another thing every single religion has in common is : they believe in an external god. Someone with a white beard (im exageratting) who lives behind the 7th sky. He only rewards those who obey and pray to him. And he burns and punishes those who dont obey. And of course, this god is very far away. We must look up in the sky, stretching our neck each time we pray and spread our arms wide to receive his blessings. That is too funny for every atheist and ,rightly, gives him that "stick" to beat any religious guy with.

    To me an atheist is closer to god than a "believer" . Why? because an atheist does not make up stories and does not tell lies and lies and - to top it all - attributes this lies to a certain prophet. An atheist does not "believe" . He only knows. Neither does an atheist kill, punish or beat "unbelievers".

    Before, I never understood certain mystics,jogis in india and china how they could "worship" humans as "gods". But take a closer look. It is not as you assume. They are certainly not stupid. They have understood what/how/where "god" is. God is within all of us. We are all God. Because we all carry the original lightforce and blueprint of life in us. Before you start looking up in the sky way beyond the stars, take a deeper look inside yourself. All the questions and answers lie there. Beautiful . I love mystic men :kissingheart:
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  12. themnax

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    god or gods or god like beings, should the choose to exist, are something beyond anything our heads are able to wrap around.
    belief is not them however. belief is perspective. just as knowledge is probability.
  13. themnax

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    i can quibble with any absolute. each rock, each tree, each volume of vacuum even, is its own authority on itself. more then anything we might believe ourselves to perceive about it.

    hienline also said though art god, or rather, his character, valintine michael smith did, in stranger in a strange land.

    'eastern' and indiginous thought, does far less violence to logic, then so called 'western' or 'eurocentric'.

    there could be god like beings. there's nothing to stop them from existing. its just that, if there's anything you're not going to find, it is goodness wishing to be feared.

    its just that, the universe has no problem with humans or anything else not being the center of it.

    i would say, not that each of us is god entire, that all else is within us, (are we each all within each other?) but merely as god as any god needs to be.

    and the same goes for any creative being we meet on any world, and possibly even, for every self awareness that exists, and that would include, even the humbler creatures of our own world as well.

    that spirit, like space, is an ocean, and we are each, like a container with an opening.
    that thus has an inside that can be distinguished from what is outside of it,
    but at no one point is what is inside not continuous with what is outside and around it as well.

    (and yes, an athiest is a more honest believer, then anyone who identifies them self with any one name of belief)

    every belief tries to say, each in all their different ways, what you just said, but people for their own reasons,
    the reasons perhaps of their reflexes more then of their will, more often then not, insist on getting it wrong.
  14. Deidre

    Deidre Follow thy heart

    I can somewhat agree, that it feels at times like the idea of a god, is something we imagine him/it/her to be. But, for me, I choose to believe, and have faith that a god exists. It's personal for me, as it is for everyone. Perhaps when people try to tell others what to believe, or that their way of thinking is wrong, is where things get ugly.
  15. An interesting post by Themnax. "Heaven" also makes little sense. For example, if you or I reached a state of perfection such that we were eligible to enter Heaven, we would refuse to go in until the last suffering being outside was in before us.
    My own belief as regards access to the Highest Being as humans can best be summed up by these quotes:

    1) Two come from Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam: (Allah as the Beloved in Sufí literature is always depicted with female iconography: "Layla" comes from the Word "Layl" meaning "night", Night represents the Unmanifest.)

    "Seekest thou Layla, when She in thee is manifest?" (Moroccan poet, Mohd al Itarraq)
    "Thou countest Her other, Yet other than thee She is not". (Bughyat al Mushtaq p.170 Bulaq, 1881)

    2) And the other from Catholicism:
    "Whoever, then, is of the chosen and predestinate will have the Blessed Virgin living within him." (The Secret of Mary, St.Louis Marie de Montfort)

    Layla, or the Blessed Virgin or Kuan Shih Yin of Chinese Buddhism are all the Goddess Figure and are the intermediaries between ourselves and Unknowable God.

    (Once we know that Layla or the Blessed Virgin are within us, to Her is where we go at death, and so to Her all our prayers and supplications should be addressed. The esoteric branches of Islam or Christianity cannot preach these truths openly for there must be no clash with the centuries-old doctrines although the Catholic Church has been forced to do so by authenticated apparitions of the Virgin Mary since 1250.)
  16. scratcho

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    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That's all anyone/everyone needs. The rest is hyperbole, control moves, and a damn good way to earn money without actually working. If humans were meant to know the answers to existence.--we would.
  17. You see, you have unknowingly got it right in your first sentence. Kuan Yin (Chinese Buddhism) exemplifies the compassion of one who knows that "in some way, all suffering is his own suffering." A skylark wounded in the wing, a cherubim does cease to sing. The Bodhisattva is sick because his fellow being is sick.
    (C.N.Tay, Kuan Yin The Cult of Half Asia.)
    To escape this Hell called the world, the Pure Land doctrine stipulates first and foremost that there is no escape unless one desires to escape for the benefit of all sentient beings.
    Think of all the places you could be born into in your next life down here.

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