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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by DejaVoo, Aug 19, 2005.

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    and see those guys waiting outside the ladies bathrooms? see any cute ones? dont approach them..or try 2 get their number..der just waitng for der girlfriends 2 get out"same thing as if u were in a fashion clothes store....see any hot guys in there? lookibng bored? theyre jus waiting for their girlfiends 2 shop. i feel bad for them. but , theyre taken."

    now,arcades, its like a fucking casino. reel the kids in early. now u have a section where all the 'pity' prizes are in. cheap plastic harmonicas that dont sounds right. those prizes are pity prizes.
    now look in the glass cases..see that fancy stuff? all the stuf like stupid kitty cat alarm clocks and expesnive looking things in boxes? those are for the HIGH ROLLERS. for people who mean business. who expect respect and worthless prizes from thier paper tickets that came out of a fucking machine. yes, those glass case prizes are for high rollers only."

    well...i jus thought about that today when i was stoned and on srhooms.. and wrote it down...thought it wask inda funny...maybe its not that important, but fuck u in charge :)
    or is it jus pointless? i was jus merely pointing out things in life
    and laughing at them, and expecting and hoping for people 2 relate
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    nu uh.
    most boys just like buying womens underwear but they ar e afraid to admit it so they just say that they are waiting for the girlfriends
    theyre all very single.
  3. deadonceagain

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    damn it im the king of stupied consperys damn it,im to high to think
  4. LoserMan

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    wow thats badass, i would be tripping to much if I was on shrooms and at an arcade and ive never seen anyone actually win those high roller prizes... thats why they are always there... even after going back to lets say peter piper pizza .. they have the exact same remote control car and clock radio prizes they did since i was 12. ...
  5. stonr

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    the arcade by my house they have like madden and a fender guitar, and the new flat ps2, and psp.
  6. phoenix88

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    Heh, I can remember being a kid and being into that stuff. My dad would take me and my sister up to, I forgot that name. Like Mighty Mike's or something. And I would spend like $100 in tokens in one day, but this was a special treat and didn't happen very often at all...

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