something wierd happened to me yesterday night

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Jedi, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Jedi

    Jedi Self Banned

    I was sleeping yesterday night and I barely remember seeing something very dark, i don't know what it was, I was running away from it, i got out of my bed- I am still sleeping... I think this is what i remember but not really sure if this is what happened... anyway, I screamed, I ran out of my room. My screams however were noticed by everyone in the house, my dad/mom both ran down to see if something happened, I was running and they stopped me. I pushed my dad down I think and my mom yelled something and i woke up. I was sitting down on the floor... outside my room and my dad was there- I almost broke his finger or something... they asked me what happened, I couldn't explain it. what the hell happened to me yesterday? did anyone experience anything like this ? ever? This is a serious question...
  2. AannaSolo

    AannaSolo Member

    negative astral?
  3. Jedi

    Jedi Self Banned

    Actually, i don't believe in astral projection so much, but whatever happened... it was wierd. Anyway, i felt like I saw something very dark. I heard about the brain being stuck between REM sleep and Non REM sleep, I think this is what happened but I just wanted to know if some one else has the same problem as I do and why it happens to them.
  4. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    Night tares? I dont know but it sounds fucked up.

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