Something Fishy About Nick Berg Video?

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Angel_Headed_Hipster, May 15, 2004.

  1. Angel_Headed_Hipster

    Angel_Headed_Hipster Senior Member

    I don't really know if the US government was behind this or not, maybe they were, maybe they weren't. But even if that seems OUTLANDISH to you to think that, you should still read this article anyway, it brings up some good points.

    "With several news outlets reporting that Berg's family is angry from the US government over their son's violent death and revelations that "Berg was detained by Iraqi police at a checkpoint in Mosul on March 24. He was turned over to U.S. officials and detained for 13 days" (in other words, he was detained by the US military just prior to his death) -- (AP 5/11/04) we have to question what really happened and who was really behind Berg's horrific murder. We have received several emails from listeners questioning what really happened including this one:

    Me and a friend were discussing recent news events and trying to piece together the information presented to us, thought you might want to look into this further, they said in the news that nicholas berg was killed 2 weeks ago (i think), however in the video the culprits who killed him said they were "avenging iraqi prisoner abuse" but those photos weren't released until last week, so my question is how is that even a possible motive if he was killed prior to the abuse photos being released?? maybe i am misinformed but thought id ask the question to someone who would look into it. And this one:

    Hey Alex, I know people like me who have learned not to trust our government tend to see a conspiracy under every rock. With that said... The picture the media is now showing of the guy the terrorist beheaded as revenge for what went on in the Iraqi prisons looks odd to me. If you look at the men dressed in black, they all seem well fed. Actually most look fat. That bothers me, because these guys are fighting a war and eating on the run. They are constantly on the move and should be either very fit and trim or scrawny and malnourished because of the same reasons. One thing they should not be is fat like couch potatoes. If you look at all of the photos of the prisoners who were naked who supposedly were just plucked of the street, most of them are thin. Just an observation Alex And this one: 1) extremely convenient "wag the dog" timing at the height of furor regarding U.S. torture of Iraqis 2) CNN poll question: "Is the Berg killing a reason for withholding any remaining Iraq prisoner abuse pictures?" Bush has been reported to be struggling with question of whether Pentagon should release additional torture photos. Given that the alleged decapitation of Berg was allegedly prompted by the first wave of torture photos, Bush could now cite "national security" issues for witholding additional materials.

    3) Berg's last known whereabouts was in U.S. custody. 4) Berg shown in video wearing orange jumpsuit known to be of U.S. issue (compare with pictures at Guantanamo). 5) Berg mysteriously captured by Al-Quaeda (still wearing jumpsuit). Either he escaped from U.S. captors or U.S. let him out -- with orange suit and all -- to be immediately apprehended by Al-Quaeda (before he had a chance to change). 6) Tape obviously spliced together and heavily edited. Goes from a) Berg sitting in chair talking about family, to b) Berg sitting on floor with hooded "militants" behind, to c) blurry camera movement, to d) almost motionless Berg on floor as head cut off. 7) Audio clearly dubbed in.

    8) "Arab" reader flips through pages of "statement" and keeps ending up on the same page. Perhaps doesn't even known enough Arabic to recognize what page he's on? 9) "Arabs" have lily-white hands and (other exposed) skin. 10) "Arabs" have Western-style body posture and mannerisms. 11) When Berg decapitated, there was almost no blood. If Berg were still alive at this point, with the cut starting at front of throat, blood would have been spraying everywhere. Berg's severed head, the floor, Berg's clothes, and even the hand of the "Arab" who decapitated Berg had no visible blood on it. 12) Berg's body didn't move while on the ground. Although held down, Berg would have tried to instinctively wiggle and writhe away from captor's grip. 13) Camera angle made it impossible to see if Berg's eyes were even open. 14) Alleged "scream" from Berg sounded to be that of a woman and was clearly dubbed in. 15) Berg goes to great trouble to identify himself, providing information about his family. Why? To elicit greater sympathy? Or to provide a positive ID. FBI visited Berg family in an attempt to "verify his identity". Guy in video looks very little like Berg photos provided by family.

    I believe that Berg (or this lookalike character) was first killed (perhaps by lethal injection, poisoning, etc.), then decapitated after dead (explains lack of blood spraying everywhere). Berg was killed by Al-Quaeda (known to be a CIA - Mossad joint venture). Berg video released at height of furor over U.S. torture of Iraqis and just before Bush was to decide whether to release additional torture videos. Now torture videos will be witheld from public for reasons of national security. Now "patriots" everywhere will laud the virtues of U.S. torture of "enemies". Sensitivity level of public gets heightened in terms of what's acceptable treatment of prisoners. Juxtaposed with decapitation, piling naked men into pyramid is nothing. Such treatment will be considered more and more acceptable even in domestic situations. George W. Bush sleeps well tonight while Berg family lives in torture. Serves Berg's father right for opposing Bush and the war of aggression against Iraq. Jeff Rense has compiled some important information on Berg's detainment and questioning what really happened in his article, " Why Did The US Take Custody Of Nick Berg?" Two things are for sure: First, Berg parents feel that their son was abandoned and betrayed by the US Government. Second: NeoCons have already started to use Nick Berg's murder to justify torture and more war."

    Peace and Love,
  2. jungee

    jungee Member

    It's possible; there seems to be something strange about this tape.

    However, don't make the mistake of watching this anyone. It will imprint that image in your mind forever, theres a murder in it and its gruesome.
  3. LickHERish

    LickHERish Senior Member

    There's certainty graphic footage, but as to whether he is being killed on that tape or already dead for a week or two is the contention which needs serious scrutiny.
  4. moonshyne

    moonshyne Approved by the FDA

    Go to peeps...I hate to encourage people to look at nasty pictures like that, BUT there are several photos of Nicole Brown Simpson (OJ's ex) with a very similar wound....she was nearly decapitated herself. There is blood everywhere. I find it a little odd that this guy didn't bleed at all. There were just little spots of blood.

    Dead things don't bleed.

    I think it's entirely possible that the US sent that guy to some of our middle eastern allies that do allow torture, and they could have done it. This dude was already pretty much an enemy of the state, it would be no loss and all gain for our Gov to send this guy they didn't like away to be killed in some attempt to remind dumb-ass amerikans that eeeeevil terrorists are still at large, and to draw attention away from out own evils.
  5. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I'm creeped out...that's gross..

    I really hope he didn't feel that much pain. :(
  6. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    Its really bothering me that he was in US custody before the beheading. And that he was still in the orange jumpsuit. The video is troubling and the fact that he barely bled when he was beheaded is even more troubling. the fact that the gov't might have something to do with this beheading is disturbing, i just don't know anymore.
  7. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    You can see something if you look at the video really really close. Something is definitely up. Watch it a couple of times really close and be sure to have the volume up. If you need to get a couple of people to watch it really closely with you. Have you seen it yet??? If you haven't you should keep watching the video. Still haven't seen it?? Still haven't seen what's so strange. Try looking in a mirror. See it now. Uh, it's you. The sick fucks that sit there and study the video looking for "clues" to a conspiracy.
  8. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    So we should just believe everything that we see? We are no longer allowed to question? Pretty un-american sounding to me ;)
  9. Chongo Blanco

    Chongo Blanco Banned

    That is so weird how no matter what the issue is you can always flip it around.
  10. Stan

    Stan Member

    I watched the whole movie and rewound a few times. The first thing I noticed was the only time Nick Berg moved was when the guy behind him appeared to move his right leg. Another thing is berg never moved, besides appearing to shrug his shoulders, which I would guess was from the guy behind him doing something to make him move. Berg had no facial expressions throughout the whole thing. You think you'd be freaking out or at least moving your head or something. There was no apparent REAL struggle while he had 2 medium sized guys pinning him down while his head was being sawed off... which I can't help but find to be extreamly awkward. And of course there was no blood splatter, and the horrible camera job as he was taken down and the beheading started. The screams were off and didn't even seem real associated with something as brutal as that. Either way, I'm pretty convinced that he was dead before they took his head, just like the other person that was beheaded, he was dead before they took it off.
  11. LickHERish

    LickHERish Senior Member

    Considering that Berg spoke fluent Arabic, if he were alive no reasonable person could expect to see anything other than weeping, crying, shaking or any other expression of fear at one's own imminent death.

    And to those who wish to just ignore it or accept it at face value rather than demonstrate an ounce of intellectual honesty at the well known and commonly used "wag the dog" contrivances spun out by our ruling elite to cover their own asses when the shit hits the fan (as Abu Graib represents in spades), I submit that you care more for protecting your warped ideological stance than admit you've been played for a fool by consummate career liars with a documented history of misuse of power stretching back to the 70's.
  12. KBlaze

    KBlaze Member

    everyone flips and everyone spins. there is never one side to the truth. the smart thing to do is consider all views, and not immediatley dismiss things that may be against your stance.

    (This, btw, is not me saying my piece on this whole thing)

  13. Pointbreak

    Pointbreak Banned

    This is a load of crap and statements like

    are the giveaway.
  14. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    OK, I've tried to piece the puzzle pieces together, and figure out which pieces are still missing, because in this case, the pieces are not only the lies we are being told about Nick Berg, but what we are not being told, that is very well known to US authorities.

    The biggest blank being left out is just what Nick Berg was doing in Iraq. No one seems to have a ready answer despite supposedly being questioned by the FBI three times!

    We do know that Berg had a "small communications company" that put up communications towers. What is a communication tower? These days it usually means a cellphone station. Sound's innocuous right? Sounds like he's helping Iraqis like a nice humanitarian, right?

    Well there are some important implications right there. First the US is supposed to be in control of ALL communications in Iraq. Afterall the US destroyed most of the communication infrastructure during the war and has been handing out contracts to a select few to restore it.

    So it appears that Nick was operating outside US control. So what does that mean? In short it means Nick's little operation was providing cellphone access beyond US control. It hardly matter who he was doing this for, because once the cellphones are operational they can be sold & handed around to those who want them.

    So just think for a moment. The US is trying to not only control but also monitor the communications between say Al Sadr's forces which are fighting US forces in various cities. So if the US controls all the cellphone traffic in Iraq, then they can monitor or limit access to phones to only those authorized.

    But Nick Berg's operation might've allowed new cellphones to fall into the hands of the 'enemy'. And right THERE is the crux of the issue, and the possible explanation for his death.

    Nick Berg was being held in Iraqi prisons to prevent him from putting up more towers and allowing better communications beyond US control. This is something the US is covering up. It is the reason he was murdered.

    Murdered by the US.

    Yes, by murdering Nick Berg, they could accomplish quite a lot. My guess is he was already dead when he was beheaded (analysis of the video by experts confirms this). So if he died in US custody, they could absolve themselves of responsibility, AND at the same time take the world's attention off the prison abuse scandal and refocus it on terrorism. And especially make the connection between Al-Queda terrorists and Iraq, a connection that has so many holes in it, it seems like a US fabrication as well.

    If you remember the course of events, the moment that video was released the US already was certifying it (within hours) of being the voice of the wanted terrorist Al-Zaquawi. That's very surprising since it usually takes the US DAYS to verify Bin-Laden's voice or any voice on video tape. This was all cut & dry without any doubt. Usually they qualify their assertions by saying it's "likely" or "might" be so & so's voice. In this case they said it definitely was his voice.

    So right there are two unusual circumstances regarding this guy.

    Of course the idea that Al-Zaquawi used Berg's email account by coincidence is absurd. There ARE no coincidences. The more I hear about this Al-Zaquawi the more convinced I've become that he either doesn't really exist or he is actually a CIA agent.

    I tend to think he's a mythical figure who the US can blame whenever convenient. Especially when they need to renew our fear of terrorism, or backup that lie that Iraq & world terrorism were linked before 9/11 & now.

    But that's another theory...
  15. Brocktoon

    Brocktoon Banned

    Skip, I definately agree with you that Nick Berg was not just some Jewish American contractor who 'just happened' to go into the heart of Islamic Fundamentalist war-zones because he wanted Iraqi's to have free-nights and weekend packages from Sprint.

    It seems that he was definately doing 'something' outside conventional US control.
    After all.. the US admitted they took him into custody several times.. yet didnt seem to have a reason to keep him either.

    Now here is where I disagree with your theory because it seems to me the US would Never admit they had him three times IF he was working against them.
    Heck.. they would disavow all knowledge of Berg prior to his abduction.
    (especially if it was the US that abducted him!)

    Based on the way the 'White House' people are talking about this - Berg was a spy working for a US ally (hmmm pretty clear which US ally has a huge vested interest in getting 'communication reports' from a Jihadist war-zone)

    Now.. the FBI/CIA people really have admitted to the public that Berg was up to something with something.

    You have to understand though.. No matter how 'red-faced' the FBI is - they simply can not actually identify Berg as an Israeli Spy.

    You just cant say it.

    I feel like the CIA people are all but 'miming' it to us - but also begging us to understand they can not say the words 'Yes.. He was a Spy'

    It would put a lot of people at risk and make it appear the US was 'condoning' it.

    No matter what - its insane what they did to that guy. Spy or not - I feel so bad for him and his family.
  16. LickHERish

    LickHERish Senior Member

  17. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

  18. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    I'm now reading that it looks like the video was shot at the same prison facility, Abu Gharib, that the atrocities took place in!

    So that would explain a number of things...

    Why Nick was wearing the orange jumpsuit that other US prisoners wear.

    The white chair which Nick sat in is identical to the ones shown in other prison photos.

    The yellow walls behind Nick that also appear in the other prison photos.
    Why the US denied ever having him in custody (they would have to say where, and there would probably be records there).

    How the FBI was able to interview him 3 times.

    Why the US gov't officials lied to his father about where Nick was being held, by whom and why.

    He obviously became an expendable liability. Possibly because he also witnessed abuses at the prison, and being a US citizen he could testify and possibly bring down the whole operation.

    He might've been tortured himself and with the moves his dad was making it was either release him & face the consequences or eliminate him and use it as a propaganda tool!

    This whole incident raises far more questions than anyone has been able to answer.

    Like where did Nick Berg, a jew, learn to speak fluent arabic? And why would he learn it?

    If he was an Israeli spy, what was he doing there in Iraq? And if he was a spy, why would he have been put in custody anyway? The US could've got him released anytime. Supposedly he didn't want to leave the country, but my guess is he never got the chance...
  19. Brocktoon

    Brocktoon Banned

    Let me throw in a few possibilities...

    Nick Berg was a Idealistic young man who took his Jewish identity to a cause and wanted to be a Spy for Israel.

    He lifted weights and was ultra athletic, learned Arabic in University (college?) and went to Israel at some point.

    (While in college - it appears someone stole his email password?)

    Berg was simply going to try and pick up Jihadist communications.
    His 'Cover' being a helpful businessman trying to rebuild communication towers.
    (not that great of a cover!)

    No real mystery behing the CIA interviews..... The Iraqis grab Berg suspecting him of being an Israeli spy (no surprise)

    - The Americans question him .. probably they agree Berg is a Spy - but - since Bergs dad is about to go public and they really have no 'proof' they have no choice but to let him go.

    - Probably they warn Berg all three times.. but he doesnt listen.

    The Orange Jumpsuit - I would not be surprised if that was from Guantonimo.
    Or.. just stolen or gained from some ex-prisoner in Iraq.
    No mystery here - Its a great 'in-your-face' to America making BErg wear it.

    Or maybe Berg did escape from US custody. either way... no mystery.

    The mannerisms of the Captors.... some say were 'western'.
    Here again.. not necessarily a surprise. These may very well be Jihadist 'Spies'.
    Keep in mind the 9/11 terrorists lived in America for a year and prided themselves on taking on western mannerisms.

    The killers in that tape may have spent decades living in the West (like many 9/11 killers did)

    As to Bergs 'condition' during the killing.

    Well... maybe he was drugged and near dead at the time of the beheading.
    (I havent seen it)
    But... its not really 'that surprising' that they might have 'rigged' the tape to make it look worse than it was.

    That doesnt require any conspiracy theory - just that they are incompetant or maybe 'slightly merciful'.
    (remember.. this happened with Daniel Pearl and included crappy editing).

    I have no idea what really happened but those are just some little theories and questions.

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