Some women prefer anal sex?

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by Mr. Man, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    I have read that there are some women who actually prefer anal sex to vaginal sex, because the orgasms from it are better than from regular sex. Which I find interesting because I had always read that women couldn't orgasm from anal sex. Any ladies here who can give their opinions on this?
  2. JoeBone

    JoeBone Member

    I don't see how a woman can orgasm from anal sex, unless you are otherwise manipulating the clitoris or going for a g-spot orgasm using whatever. I just don't buy it.

    Otherwise, I'm sure that there are a few woman out there who are really into anal that just might prefer it -- but I can't imagine why.
  3. Slothguy

    Slothguy Member

    I've fucked a chick in the ass and she cummed without any other stimulation. Solve that one for me JoeBone...
  4. sophieclair

    sophieclair Senior Member

    My good friend told me anal makes her squirt. lol She loves it.
  5. JoeBone

    JoeBone Member

    I'm sure there was no possibility that she was faking it.
  6. Slothguy

    Slothguy Member

    Actually no... there isn't. Girls who enjoy sex don't need to fake orgasms. I'm pretty sure that's for stupid sluts to do.
  7. Triple Ace

    Triple Ace Member

    My gf cums from anal all the time. She can actually reach orgasm in about half the time it takes her to cum vaginally. She says the orgasms are quicker and more intense.

    Lots of women like anal. My gf doesn't prefer it over vaginal, but when it comes to giving her quick and powerful orgasm I go for the butt. I don't think either of us would want to give up vaginal for anal, but anal is more intense and gratifying for both of us.

    For me there is nothing hotter than seeing my gf's big butt bent over, and spread, with my cock nestle snugly between her ass cheeks, balls deep in her warm anus. Not to mention when she cums, her asshole spasms, practically milking my penis. It's the best feeling ever, I love making my girl cum anally, it feels so great for both of us.

    Some times we will have anal with only a little spit used for entry. For some reason my gf likes the initial pain of my head forcing into her ass. We don't do this all the time, but when we do she cums extra hard. It seems that the pain and pleasure send her through he roof.
  8. luvkinkyplay

    luvkinkyplay Member

    yeah so. girls can train themselves to orgasm by just nipple play. Not all ppl are the same and some love anal while others hate it, some can get off to it some can't. I've heard of girls not being about to get off with vaginal stimulation, so who knows.
  9. Triple Ace

    Triple Ace Member

    Usually for anal play, I really warm my gf up. I do a lot of oral both anally and vaginally to get her really hot.

    And during anal she usually plays with her clit, so it does involve clitoral stimulation, but she says without the anal stimulation the orgasm would have taken much longer.

    I don't think that we have sex without touching her clit either vaginally or anally, she really enjoys stimulating it, and so do I. It would be difficult for her to cum either vaginally or anally without clitoral stimulation. My gf is not one of those girls who can get off without touching her clit. In many studies done by many sex researchers like Kinsey, cunnilingus produced orgasm easier and more consistently than penile penetration, simply put, the tongue is more suited for stimulating a woman to orgasm than the penis (on average), hence my reason for performing ample foreplay.

    I think it looks hot when I'm fucking her in the ass and she's messaging her clit.

    My gf is not normally multi-orgasmic. But the only times that she has had them was during anal and clitoral stimulation. We want to try dp. I want us use a dildo in her vag and my cock in her ass. I bet that would make her cum really hard.
  10. KJ69

    KJ69 Visitor

    I prefer vaginal sex to anal, but either kind of penetration is a very intense sensation, so it is easy for me to combine either one with clitoral stimulation and have monster orgasms.

    For me, the ultimate fuck is to ride a guy's dick, vaginally, while another guy or a girl gets on her knees beside of me, fingers my clit, and puts one finger up my ass. The only flaw in this position is that I'm usually moving too much for the third person to lick my nipples, so I just play with them myself.

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