Some sort of Psilocybe?

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by masada, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. masada

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    I was out taking a hike in the woods today when I came across a couple pinecones with dozens of little mushrooms that really remind me of a lot of psilocybe varieties I have seen. Here are some pictures, if anyone could help me out with some ideas of what they might be itd' be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance and sorry about the quality, I don't have a decent camera.



  2. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    I don't see any pics
  3. masada

    masada Member

  4. masada

    masada Member

    Again, sorry the pictures are small. Those are the links 2-3. All of them are in my OP and should be seen, but if more pics are needed I'll provide links to those as well. I can get decent resolution when I see them either from my documents, or when I put them in the OP.
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  6. Grainpsilo

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    Your links dont work

    And where in the world are these woods.

    There are several magic mushrooms that grow in pine forests and on pine cones but we need more info.

    Did you take a spore print?
  7. masada

    masada Member

    Nevermind, I did eventually go out and buy a guide and identified them as a kind of collybia. But while I was out I did get a spore syringe, some mason jars, etc. so hopefully I'll have some identifiable psilocybe growing in my living room soon.
  8. chadcr01

    chadcr01 Senior Member

    This is what I love to see :sunny:

    If you're not a mycologist and are attempting to identify and ingest various psilocybin containing species you need to do as much research as you possibly can. Read, read and then read some more.

    Buy several books, and pick up an identification guide that pertains to your geographic location/region (i.e. SE, NW, etc), do your spore prints, and so on and so forth.

    This is great. A good example being set here in this thread... hopefully the people who come across this and are contemplating a psilocybe mushroom hunt will follow your example and do their homework and invest time doing research, and shell out the few dollars for a reputable identification handbook.
  9. masada

    masada Member

    More than a few dollars, it was almost $50 lol. But I was just so frustrated with the lack of a real concentrated and organized pool of North American mycology knowledge on the web I got fed up and went to THC and got the guide, along with a bunch of the other stuff. Over the past couple months I've begun to gain a huge respect and fascination for psychedelics. I hope that little hunt and these little cakes I have colonizing under my desk will be the start of something really incredible.
  10. chadcr01

    chadcr01 Senior Member

    $50 is nothing, your health and your LIFE are worth much more than that $50 field guide, so in the end it's still a screaming bargain.

    That's good to hear!

    I too have developed an interested in stuff like this, been reading books on the subject of psychedelia like a maniac.
  11. masada

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    Alright, so I went out hunting again and found some that look exactly, pretty much 100% like p caerulipes or p. ovoideocystidiata. Exactly like these
    . The only thing is, there is no blueing what so ever. I went through my entire guide, over everything I could find on the web, and these are the only ones that match up. But, again, not one of them blued. Some were very dark at the base, but I would call it more of a blackish red. Many have now turned a dark, dark black, but it still looks like a bit of red. Spore prints are being done right now. I took some pictures too, but it seems I can't get them to show, and the one's in that picture suffice perfectly. Is it possible that a whole batch of these wouldn't bruise, or are they another kind all together that I somehow missed?
  12. Ol' Zeus

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    The mushrooms that are in the pic are much too big for P. caerulipes, and P. ovoideocystidiata is out of season.
  13. SpaceTrippin

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