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Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by maelstromer, Oct 27, 2013.

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    I have recently been reading alot about the subject transsexuality. Reading and watching documentaries and stuff on youtube. Why? Because it's interesting thats why.

    So I discovered something. Apparently there is this debate among transsexuals wether you are a real woman or not depending on if you want SRS or not.

    So I have a few questions here:

    1. Do people who claim non-ops are not real women feel that because the non-ops claim that they are real women that they somehow devalidate the pro-ops claim to being women?

    2. I also learned that what is called tranny-chasers are looked down upon among transsexuals. Of course I can see why. They see themselves as women and they want SRS so they feel that when a dude is hitting on them because they are transsexual that he wont like them after the SRS.
    That is true. However I wondered how it is among transgender people?

    As I understand it a transsexual is a person who claim that they were born in the wrong body. They want the surgery, hormones and SRS. The whole shebang to become women.

    Transgender is a spectrum that includes everything from crossdressers to, well, I would guess transgedered t-girls. I guess there must be t-girls who don't want the surgery but do everything else. Is that common? I don't know. I would guess that transsexuals who want the whole shebang are way more common. Or are they?

    So I guess a third question here would be: Are non-ops transsexual or transgendered?

    I saw a sorta docu-reality show called My Transsexual Summer produced by some british media company. BBC or Channel 4. Don't remember.

    However there was this chick on the show named Donna Whitbread. In one of the episodes she stated that if she got the oppurtunity to take a pill that would turn her into a full woman in an instant that she would not take it. She said that she loved being trans.

    I must admitt that this girl was just fantastic. Super expressive and super confident. I thought she was amazingly attractive both physically and her character. I have no problem stating that. I guess I am a pansexual or bisexual. I like women, feminine men (with few male traits), passing crossdressers and also t-girls. However it doesn't matter. My sexuality doesn't play a big part of my identity.

    So back to the question about tranny-chasers. I would guess a person who takes hormones and has surgery, including breasts, to look like a woman but still wants to keep her penis is
    considered transgender. Am I right here?
    And if I am: Do these people feel the same way about so called tranny-chasers?
    To me it would be strange if they did since they DON'T want the SRS and therefore the reason for not liking tranny-chasers is not there.
    Or am I wrong here? and if so: Why?

    I thought I was finished here but I just thought of another thing:

    4. Is the tranny-chaser a constructed character?

    Transsexual women feel that the tranny-chaser is a real character that exists out there. This character does exist but is not explicitly out there to get transsexuals. These people, including myself, like women with penises. So my question is: How are we supposed to know whether a girl is going to have SRS or not.

    And there are transgendered t-girls who would like tranny-chasers. They themselves see themselves as women and they don't want SRS because they like their penises. These guys like them for that exact reason. So what is the problem here?

    Unfortunately there isn't a stamp you can carry on your face that states whether you are going to have SRS or not. And because of this I feel that it is sorta unfair of transsexuals to get pissed at tranny chasers. A TC has no idea because he can't psychically mind read a person to see if they are planning to have SRS or not.

    5. This is more of a sidenote question. On the show a transsexual woman stated that she felt that it was unfair that transsexual women had to go to trans clubs and couldn't go to straight clubs like genetic women to meet guys. I see her point but this, I feel, is a totally inrealistic demand.

    So why do transwomen have to go to transclubs and not regular clubs to pick up guys?

    Most men do not see transsexual women as 100% women. Never have, never will. Men want, in the end, a good woman that they love who can give birth to children. Not adopt. Their own genetic children. I know that you feel that you are a woman with every fiber in your body but most men, when picking a partner, won't see it like that.

    Is it unfair? Yes.
    Is it reality? Yes.

    I am not saying don't go to straight clubs to meet guys but also you shouldn't expect all guys to be totally OK with your situation. That sounds very unrealistic to me.

    If i'm wrong here then please correct me. I'm always open to new information.

    I know this is a lot but I would really appreciate it if I got some answers.
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    good luck getting any answers here i dont think anyone here knows anything or they are just flat out to good to try and help~

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