Some of these extreme animal lovers....

Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by Cosmic Butterfly, May 29, 2006.

  1. Elle

    Elle Senior Member

    it is hard to believe sometimes how literally dumb some people are.
  2. Beyond-the-Clouds

    Beyond-the-Clouds Senior Member

    Word up, I once heard of a guy who lived out in the woods and tried to help bears, and what did the bears give in return? They et him up.
  3. lazysunbird

    lazysunbird Member

    Bears are wild animals..what would you expect to happen?!?!?! That doesn't make it right to experiment on animals.
  4. So what if you find out your good dog friend has a tumor in its stomach. And they need to do a surgery to remove the tumor ASAP. Would you let your dog die because its his time to go? Knowing that your dog could still live alot longer?
    Im going to get my pup the surgery. even if I have to make payments to the vet!

    Do you not think that the practice of surgery to save lives now, was not used as an experiment at one time on animals? Those experimental surgeries figured out how to save animal and human lives everyday now! There is even a Koi fish surgeon in my city, and he deals with removing cancers and tumor off prized fish.
    It is sad that animals have to be put through things, but it I think that it is extremely valuable what they have given animal and human kind. Even the humane euthanasia for a sick animal was "tested" at one point to find proper dosage etc.
    You have to really think about this on a grand scale.
  5. Elle

    Elle Senior Member

    yes i know this. i still do not believe its ok to test on animals. period. what information we have at this point we can obviously use to our benefit as we already have it. what's done is done. i would like animal testing to stop from here on out. its wrong to use them, torture them, put them thru this pain and suffering. if that means that i die of an early age due to an illness then so be it. thats the game of life. i will not live my life to inflict pain upon others either directly or indirectly. i dont want to die and i dont want to suffer. neither do they. why should they have to so that i won't?
  6. Well thats your choice, but If I ever came down with a luekemia or some sort of illness that much effort had to be put in to save me, I would try to live. I would like to see my daughter live her life, and I know she would definately want her mommy here.
    Not to long ago I had similar viewpoints as you did, but ever since I began doing healing arts and bodywork I realize that everyone has their journey in life. Sometimes it takes someone to die to have their ultimate healing and lifes lesson. Sometimes it takes someone going through a tough illness to wake them up to a higher vibration. So we really dont know when its someones time to go or if its some sort of deep lesson.

    The information Science has now is just drop of water in an ocean of possibility.
  7. lazysunbird

    lazysunbird Member

    I agree with you 100%. It's as though you took the thoughts right out of my head.
  8. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    Through healing arts and bodywork, it would seem like you would realize that animals are just as important as humans. That animals play an important role in our lives. They have souls and feel pain too...who are we to say that their lives are any less important than ours. Just because we can't communicate with them in our own language, doesn't mean they are lesser than us.

    Honestly, what if you had a pet...and someone just came in and decided to do testing on them? How would that make you feel?
  9. Elle

    Elle Senior Member

    right. research companies are always looking to purchase "pets". that's why so many are stolen and then sold to research companies. since you think its ok to test on animals then i'm sure you wouldnt have a problem with selling your dogs or cats over to the companies. but you WOULD. because you know them and you love them and you wouldn't want them to suffer. they are no different than the many animals that are being tested on right now. no different. i forget who it was that said "think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight"
  10. I realize that animals are sentient beings, but mind you Im dont share the vegetarian mindset. I have travelled to many places in the world, and I have respect for how those indigenous people eat meat, but still honor the animal.

    Dancer Annie, I think you need to reread my posts because now you are putting words in my mouth. You should start from the beginning of this thread. Where did you ever assume that I dont think animals dont have souls or feel pain or are worthless? It just seems pointless for me to give a decent reply, and I dont feel like going and back quoting myself.

    BTW, please reread my bodywork comment. I was addressing a previous posters "time to go" theory, and how some of my clients sometimes need to go through a fight for life to have a greater appreciation for it. And sometimes there greatest healing is dying.

    I just honor the fact that there are people out there who had to unfortunately test a medicine or procedure on animals to make human and animal lives better.

    Like I said Im going to choose the middle path and keep try to keep in mind on the fact that everything is ONE SIDED. There are two sides to every coin. A positive and negative with every action.
  11. Get your pet a microchip or a tatoo, and take better care of them. Dont leave them in the backyard all day, or let your kitty roam.
    Most stolen pets are neglected, or free to good home ads where the person giving the animal away doesnt take enough percaution.

    Im not going to be caught up in this thread anymore, its just a moot point to me now. Like I said 30 times on here before, I love animals and I think they are more than just instinct, I also see how much good testing has done for us earth beings too. So many lives are saved now because we know that we can perform brain surgery and remove a tumor, or give someone with a severe asthma attack an inhaler. Or we know what kind of medications to give someone in withdrawal, or that baby shampoo is safe to use on babies.
  12. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    I don't think we should abuse animals or humans that way. Point is, humans have a choice to be tested on or not...animals do not.

    Therefore, we shouldn't force testing on animals. That's all I'm saying.

    Cosmic, I didn't put words in your mouth. You're saying human life trumps over animal life. Animals were here first...I say they have first dibs at life. Just my opinion, though.

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