Some in the South Want to Secede? Me: Let Them!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jimbee68, Jan 7, 2022.

  1. Jimbee68

    Jimbee68 Member

    A large number of Republicans, et al. want the South to try to secede from the Union again. Me: why not?

    Every presidential election (and Senate and so forth) we have have to carry the South. That is why the only way to even talk about gay rights in 1992 was to elect Bill Clinton. We'd have President Bernie Sanders by now in fact. And why did Trump get in in 2016 contrary to everyone's expectations? Hey, think about it.

    And African Americans wouldn't have it too bad in the new South nation then (I assume, I hope). Slavery is dead. And Southern governors are leading the movement to tear down Robert E. Lee monuments. Aren't they?

    We'd have less agricultural commodities. But the North has plenty of resources to trade (with the new nation too, I'm sure). We even have our own respectable amount of agriculture. Am I wrong?

    Thoughts :) ?

    Forgot to add, here's an article about it: 47% of West Coast Dems, 66% of Southern Republicans want to secede from U.S.
  2. ~Zen~

    ~Zen~ Wizard in the Castle Administrator

    Not sure splitting the country up would help, but who am I?
  3. Flagme15

    Flagme15 Members

    It’s a moot point. The SCOTUS has ruled that states cannot secede.
    Trump got elected in 2016 because of one person, Hillary.
    Correct, the north has more resources to trade, but why would they want to provide goods to an autocracy?
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  4. erofant

    erofant Members

    We do it now. China. Anyone think Xi Jinping isn't the supreme leader in China?? An autocrat??

    And yes - states cannot secede.

    Hillary isn't the ONLY reason that T**** won. He seized on the realization that MANY Americans felt / feel left behind by the economy. They have been - but the reasons are many. Hillary IS NOT the cause of their misery. She most likely would have had more ways to help the "left behind" crowd than T**** ever would - but water under the bridge. A big reason the "left behind" crowd is where they are is MILLIONS OF THEM only got to high school - and struggled to even graduate from there. Once out of HS, they washed their hands of furthering their educations in college, and don't educate themselves on ANYTHING on their own to this day. Many hate to read anything ....... anything. I have them in my family. They have no particular skill at anything, move from one basic, no-skills labor job to another, will never consider going to a trade school - or God forbid, college. They hated school and learning of any kind ....... but bitch that other people get ahead - and they haven't.

    But the human tendency is NOT to look in the mirror and admit one's own fault. Human tendency is to blame others - find a scapegoat. And that is what T**** seized upon. T****'s tactic is not new - history is filled with other false leaders who did the same. The 2 most recent notable ones are Mussolini and Hitler. Those 2 enflamed very similar "left behind", disenfranchised millions of people by blaming others and naming scapegoats. T**** didn't have millions executed or build concentration camps - but the means to rise to power are the same. READ your history books.

    T**** is - and always has been - a LIAR. It's damn sad that he seduced and BS'd so many people to the point that so many of our own citizens choose him over keeping our country together ........ and remaining THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Break up the U.S.A ------ over 1 spoiled, childish, self-centered, lying, treasonous person.
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  5. Flagme15

    Flagme15 Members

    I agree that Hillary was not the cause of their misery, but they were told that by trump, and because people can’t think for themselves, they let trump think for them.
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  6. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment Lifetime Supporter

    If he only had a brain...

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  7. erofant

    erofant Members

    And integrity, ethics, morals, decency, truthfulness, a heart, a conscience, TRUE patriotism, ..................... the list goes on ......................
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