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    The 35th Annual
    JULY 1 7, 2006
    Routt National Forest, Colorado

    We, who are sisters and brothers, Children of God, families of life on Earth, friends of nature and of all people, children of Humankind calling ourselves Rainbow Family tribe, humbly invite: all races, peoples, tribes, communes, men, women, children, individuals out of love; all nations and national leaders out of respect; all religions and religious leaders out of faith; all politicians out of charity; to join with us in gathering together for the purpose of expressing our sincere desire that there shall be peace on Earth, harmony among all people . . and to hold upon worship, prayer, chanting, or whatever is the want or desire of the people beginning the 1st day of July, but upon the 4th day of July, at noon, to ask that there be a meditative contemplative silence wherein we, the invited people of the world, may consider and give honor and respect to anyone or anything that has aided in the positive evolution of humankind and Nature upon this, our most beloved and beautiful world asking blessing upon we people of this world and hope that we people can effectively proceed to evolve, expand and live in harmony and Peace. Amen.
    This is a Spiritual Gathering, absolutely Free & non-commercial, supported by your voluntary cooperation. We are here to express and rejoice in the sacredness of ourselves, nature, the land, and the spirit that connects us all. Tread lightly, with great respect, as you enter the Cathedral of Nature. Join in this unique happening.
    Join us for July 4th
    Silent Contemplation & Prayer for Peace.

    From *Steamboat Springs: Go west out of Steamboat on Rt 40 (Lincoln Ave) to CR 129 (Elk River). Turn right, and drive 15 miles to Clark. Continue on CR 129 another 12 miles to FS 550. Turn right (east) on FS 550 and follow this for 3.7 miles to FS 500. Turn right on FS 500 and continue another 2.6 miles to FS 505. Turn right onto FS 505, and continue 0.3 miles to bus village and parking.
    Welcome Home !
    (*Steamboat Springs is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Denver)

    The site is called Silver City Creek. The hike in is about 1.2 miles from parking to the trail head (there is also a shuttle) and then 1.3 miles to main circle from the trail head.
    Altitude is at 9,000 feet. Plan for very cold nights and warm to hot days. The weather can change quickly so come prepared and don't forget your rain gear.
    Altitude sickness is possible - Rest & relax a few days
    until you are acclimated. Drinking lots of water to
    prevent dehydration in high altitudes.
    Osha Root Tincture lessens altitude sickness.


    What to bring
    PERSONAL ITEMS: Your own bowls, cups, utensils, personal water containers, water jugs. Bring drinking water and/or personal filtering gear if you can. Snacks for your tent & friends. Portable shelter, camping equipment, sleeping bags, blankets, mats, flashlights and extra batteries, camp shovel, camp tools, rope. Prepare for warm days and very cold nights. Bring rain gear, layered clothing, hiking footwear, sunglasses, sunscreen & a hat. Bring toiletry supplies including extra toilet paper, menstrual necessities, biodegradable soaps & shampoos, & first aid supplies, snakebite kit. Bring acoustical instruments. If you're able, please bring extra items (esp. blankets) to share w/someone less prepared. Please bring bags to take out your trash & recyclables.
    THE MAGIC HAT: This is where the money comes from to pay for most of the food you eat, gas for the shuttles, supplies for C.A.L.M., batteries for the hand held radios, and any other necessary items. Please, put your green energy into the Hat early to fund this gathering. The Hat is passed around at evening meals and with the Magic Hat band during the day. Money from the hat goes into the Rainbow Bank on the Land. Banking Councils are held everyday. There is only one magic hat. Some kitchens & camps may pass a hat for their specific needs. Be aware whom you give money to. There is no charge for anything here.
    KIDS VILLAGE: A co-operative community for our kids and their families. Bring all types of arts & crafts supplies and play materials that encourage peacefulness & cooperation. Talented entertainers always welcome to help co-create a safe kids space with workshops, play shops, pageants and parades. Fresh Goats Milk is appreciated. Please bring cloth diapers. Kid Village is not a drop off point or free babysitting. Parental responsibility & participation in childcare is the key. Know whom you leave your children with.
    C.A.L.M.: The Center for Alternative Living Medicine invites medicine people, therapists & counselors of all disciplines to harmonize, work & learn together. This is our healing area. If you get sick or are hurt or have a contagious disease, get yourself to C.A.L.M. Donations of medical and herbal items are welcome. Check the C.A.L.M. website for the wish list or donate direct to the pay pal account, both at:
    SANITATION: Wash your hands/wash your dishes keep clean! LATRINE needs: metal buckets for ash or lime (bring lime). Multi-gallon plastic jugs w/ spigot & bleach for hand wash. 2 lb. coffee cans w/ lids (keeps toilet paper dry), toilet paper. Spades to dig latrines with. ForBATHING bring solar showers, shower hoses, buckets, biodegradable soap & shampoos.
    LAUNDRY: Bring biodegradable detergents, bleach, clothesline, buckets, wash basins& hand cranked wringer. A plunger and a bucket make a great portable washing machine!

    TOOLS & MATERIALS: Mark tools for identification. Bring shovels, axes, picks, tamper bar, saws, mauls, hatchets, sledgehammers & rakes. Account for your tools: know whom they are with & where theyll be. Bring lanterns (candle, kerosene or oil), rolls of plastic, twine & lots of rope.
    APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY: solar panels, wind & water generators. Bring animal or people carts, wagons, & wheelbarrows to bring in gear.

    LARGE SHELTER: Tipis, parachutes, yurts, big tents, plastic & tarps for community use. Be responsible and takethem with you after the gathering.

    FOOD: Please bring bulk food for the kitchens, snacks for you and friends to keep with you. Kitchens range from rawfood to macrobiotic & from total vegetarian to omnivorous.

    KITCHENS: Bring large stainless steel pots, large cast iron pans, big woks, stirring paddles, large cooking & serving utensils, large insulated hot food containers for feeding in Main Circle, big bowls, grates for fires, lots of 5 gal. Buckets, large water containers biodegradable soap, vinegar, bleach, washcloths, sponges & scrub pads. Propane cooking reduces smoke levels. Keep your kitchens clean. Healthy food keeps the camp healthy. There is no road into the site so everything must be carried via the trail.

    COMMUNICATING: Pens, markers, crayons, paper, pushpins, staplers, clear plastic (2 mil or heavier), sign making materials, poster board, paint, plywood, town criers w/bells & notebooks.

    CLEANUP: All garbage, litter & recycling in your camp is your responsibility to take out & far away from the gathering site. If you see litter pick it up and take it away. Bring recycled plastic shopping bags to share. Take in only what is necessary - its a long walk out.

    SHUTTLE VEHICLES: Need vehicles & crews to shuttle from parking areas to front gate, CBs and extra batteries for the shuttle drivers & parking lots.


    Rap 107 - Gathering Consciousness
    Please protect this Beautiful Land.
    Walk softly. Harm no living thing. Harmonize - Blend in. Use only down, dead wood. Cut no living trees. Preserve the Meadowscamp in the Woods. We are caretakers of this land.
    Everyone sharing makes a strong Human Tribe!

    Please Protect the Water Sources by staying out of DELICATE spring areas. Avoid camping, peeing, washing above spring areas. Keep ALL soap out of streams, springs, creeks or the river! Use a bucket to take your bath at least 60 feet away from the water source. To be certain drinking water is safe: boil it!

    Use the slit trenches or covered latrines - cover your paper & waste with ashes or lime, wash hands after. Break the fly/illness connection: shit-fly-food-you! Dig no shitters near water areas or kitchens. Protect our Health!

    Use your own cup, bowl & spoon! Wash them after eating and rinse in bleach-water. Visit
    C.A.L.M./M.A.S.H. if you feel ill - especially if you have a contagious disease - or are injured.
    Camp Together Establish neighborhoods. Community Fires only! ~ Each with 5 gallon bucket with water and shovel for Fire Protection. If you are the last to leave a fire PUT IT OUT!
    Please, NO Fireworks!
    Watch your gear: Be Responsible
    Tempt Not Lest Ye Be Lifted From.

    Pets are discouraged but if you must bring them keep them fed, on a leash and out of the kitchens, springs, fights & packing up to chase and kill wildlife. Clean up their poop. Love them.


    Cleanup begins when you arrive. Bring in only what is necessary. There is no janitor hereyou are the cleanup crew. Separate garbage for recycling. Please dont litter. Compost in pits only.

    You are the Gathering! Participate in Shanti Sena (the peace keepers council), activities, councils, work crews, workshops. Volunteer wherever needed: kitchens, welcome home, fire watch, parking lot, shitter digging, supply, front gate, etc.
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T your Sisters & Brothers energies.
    Keep the Balance: Earth, Sky, Trees, Water & People!

    Alcohol is Discouraged, Weapons are Inappropriate, Violence is contrary to the Spirit of the Gathering.
    Please take no photographs or videos of people without their permission. Discourage Drug Abuse.

    Buying and selling endangers our legal right to be here.
    The Magic Hat is our Bank, donate
    early to fund our needs. The Magic Hat goes around at mealtime circles and with the Magic Hat band.
    Our power together is many times our power separated.
    Enjoy the Rainbow with an open heart and you Will see the Vision.
    Join us for July 4th
    Silent Contemplation & Prayer for Peace.

    Respect those maintaining silence from dawn.

    Hold the silence until the arrival of the Childrens Parade.


    Rap 701 Happy Trails
    In preparation for leavingPack up all your trash/recyclables and take it away. Take it far away. Do not impact the small towns near the gathering. If you can't take it with you drop it in the collectionarea.
    Dismantle and disappear your encampment. Pick up your litter. If you don't someone else will have to. Vanish ALL traces. Douse your fire, ashes cold, scatter your fire rocks. Replace turf.
    Fill in your local latrine and compost holes solidly with lime and soil. Latrine tops are burned. Remove string and twine from tree limbs. Break up hardened ground with shovels or picks for future root growth and moisture catch.
    Intermix humus from forest ground if possible.

    NATURALIZE! When an area is clear and clean scatter logs, branches, leaves to look natural. Disappear trails, renew forest habitat. Make sure Water Systems are removed, cleaned and stored for next year.
    Help with disabled vehicles, fully dismantle ramps and bridges. Water bar steep places to prevent erosion. The final crew re-seeds with appropriate vegetation to complete the process.
    Transport as many riders as possible out of the area. Treat local folks with great kindness.

    Drive safely and share this love wherever you go.

    WE LOVE YOU!!!

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