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Discussion in 'Art' started by alienspecimen, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. People are telling me to consider art school but I'm reluctant because I have issues with most people taking themselves way to seriously and also not having knowledge of art tools at all. I use pencils half the time I find on the ground and it works!!. Being self taught I feel school would amplify what I can already do. To me that will just give me more skill to make my imaginations come alive and I want that. But am I wasting my time.. I don't draw that often mainly because we think I suffer from untreated ADHD. I have a hard time starting things off. I obsess about drawing in my head and think about it for weeks until I physically and mentally can't take it. Then a really awesome doodle appears and makes me wonder if drawing and painting are what I should do.. Sorry for the ramble. Sound kind of gay :/

    Here's something I did high on marijuana listening to Geogaddi back to front :)

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    Sweet man, Boards of Canada Geogaddi? I can see a resemblance :p I dig it man, that's some cool looking flowy shit. Colour that shit ;)

    Imho, art school is over rated in terms of an actual education.. there are going to be some quality places around, but I imagine they're not going to be cheap, and it also depends what you want to do with it.
    It does have a bonus of surrounding you with like minded people, and the encouragement to keep on working at things.. but unless you're at one of the better places, expect a mediocre education tailored for the masses.
  3. Yeah boards! See thats exactly it I don't want to waste my life listening to some bitter art teacher that's been doing it for days. People lose the passion and mediocre education is abundant is source. I spend so much time alone, I can hardly stand listening to people talk. Either I'm fucking insane or people really don't care to marvel at beauty instead they waste their days talking about their fucking bullshit american style dreams. I want to grow up and be a dental hygienist or go to beauty school or be a construction worker... Are those really peoples dreams because when I tell people I don't have dreams like that.. They think I'm sick. How do you think they would feel if they all the sudden realize that their living in... Well practically the matrix. Shit is not how it seems. I think this is more of a ramble lol Jesus...

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  4. I colored it orange and pinks but I can't find it. Here it is unfinished. The finished pictures looks a lot cleaner :(

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    Valid ramble, but that's why I think people enjoy art.. both creating it themselves and viewing it. There's something about art(music, theatre, dance etc..) that actually make people stop for a moment and appreciate. You give something of yourself away for someone else to (hopefully)revel in, it's pretty damn cool to be honest.

    Edit: Dude, I really like your style :p Personally, I think illustration would be good for you. I thought it briefly on the first(crisp neat lines), but then that too... that's sick :p
  6. Yeah totally have to look into that. Ive always (which is rare) wanted to put a name to what style of art I draw. People are interesting. Its just hard going through life spending all your time researching, finding answers and just searching for better qualities of life but pretty much never getting anything in return to keep you up. Over and over people just disappoint. Like we could all learn from each other but I find it hard to share my knowledge with people that only settle for what's available in front of their eyes. For Christ sake not one person in the past 3 years has known any music reference I've thrown their way... Like all you fucking listen to is maroon 5 and chris brown.. I almost ask a person I meet for the first time what they like, throw me some of their favorites... And almost everytime I get an " I listen to everything" I'm bored because typical people have bad taste. I've learned to never judge a book by its cover... But damn..bitches

    We have fucking nuclear waste being dumped into our ocean and people have no idea... Its like did you hear about Miley Cyrus! No fool! Because there's radioactive chemicals poisoning our way of life at this very moment you don't even know but you might not ever be able to swim or taste anything that comes out of the Pacific ocean.

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  7. Sorry about the dirty pictures :/ another doodle I did :)

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