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Discussion in 'Beverages' started by dizzytizzy, Jan 9, 2005.

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    This question is mainly aimed at college students, but does anyone else taste the difference in beer when it is in a Solo cup (the blue, red, or yellow cups used for beer pong). Good brew tastes a little bit worse to me whenever i drink it out of a solo cup.
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    College kids and solo cups of beer???? Never LOL

    Anyway I have a feeling that part of the problem is that most beer used for beer pong is uber shitty, cheap ass, piss water.

    I've never put decent beer in a plastic cup. But nice wine glasses are supposed to enhance a good vino, so I don't see why bad cups wouldn't affect beer.

  3. seamonster66

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    I think it makes the beer go flat faster, as well as not keeping it as cold
  4. yesplease

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    eh, i spent a whole party drinking fat tire and blue moon (with orange slices!) out of a plastic cup...those a more decent beers, at least in the college scene and a bit of a weird taste from the plastice sure didn't stop me from drinking it! :) but then i've been know to love some keystone light too... ;-)

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