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Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by Lying in a field, May 31, 2006.

  1. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    Pop can alcohol stoves are great but they don't last. You can buy a Varga Titanium one that will last forever for about $29US.
  2. Wow, thats less than the the price of a cheapass aluminium cooker over here, i'll be sure to pick one up when i'm over there.
  3. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    You can get them on Ebay. Just do a search for Varga. Or I can get them off the shelf at REI or Hudson Bay. PM me if you'd like, I ship things to Oz all the time for friends in "Millburn" ;)
  4. tuatara

    tuatara Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    i use a soda can for cooking .....real cheap ..........mix parrafin wax with sawdust ........can be shaved wax ,not necessarily melted ...the flames will melt them together put out ,i just throw some cover on it and let cool ...shavings of wax and sawdust can be added as it melts down
  5. napalm_life

    napalm_life Member

    I once made me one of these, and made the mistake of using petrol. not a goo didea at all.
  6. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    Correction: Vargo, not Varga.
  7. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    I made one this morning using an Altoids Sours tin and some yellow fiberglass floss. I got 14 minutes of burn from two ounces of denatured alcohol, but I think the problem was that rather than punch the jet holes I drilled them using a 3/32d bit and I think they're too big. Should be closer to 1/64th. Will try again as soon as I empty another sours tin ;) .
  8. lucyinthesky16

    lucyinthesky16 pirate wench

    cool cookers guys, thanks for the tips!

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