Discussion in 'Hedonism' started by osiris, May 12, 2004.

  1. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    ...a butt plug, a vase full of ground beef, and a car battery with testicle sized electrodes.

    anybody game?


    much love :)
  2. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    if it's a weekday night at your place then i'll be over shortly with the enemas and the beer.
  3. Aditi

    Aditi Member

    *laughs out loud
  4. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    im down*****
  5. Aditi

    Aditi Member

    like the martian smith in stranger in a strange land,
    when he finally discovers what it means to laugh for humans on earth --
    --- he's at the zoo and watching the monkey cage. the biggest monkey clunks the medium monkey and steals his food. then the medium monkey goes to the smallest monkey, pummels him, and takes his food.

    he laughs because it hurts and its so ugly, its the only thing he can do to keep from . . .
    so sure, i'm down too
  6. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    who said i was trying to be funny?!

    *runs out of room weeping* NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!

    much love ;)
  7. Aditi

    Aditi Member

    you got that exactly right!
    sometimes i think out loud for a few days. sometimes i don't think. follow my process to understanding.
    love you
  8. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    *harnesses energy*


    sometimes a laugh is all it takes. but a scream of rage or the vomit of complacence is just as suitable.

    much love :)
  9. Aditi

    Aditi Member

    and then the seeming safety of laughter gives way to a waterfall of tears that runs dry and the agonizing pain of [] nearly cripples those few courageous and steadfast who endure for the most beautiful reason/ possible
  10. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    and as these crippled beings decay unto the excretions of death they fertilize for those left behind a new hope, if only they are willing to grasp it.

    lol. all this from "...a butt plug, a vase full of ground beef, and a car battery with testicle sized electrodes."

    hamburger helper, anyone?

    much love :)
  11. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    that sounds rather spooky... a bit too kinky for me!
  12. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    sure you don't want any of this...? it's a little salty, but hey...

    much love :)
  13. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    you can bring tofu if you're a vegetarian.

    and any battery'll do so long as the testicles are hairy...
    best of all, it's all low-carb.
  14. Aditi

    Aditi Member


    love to yas
  15. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    indeed, pubes are like fucking superconductors if you wet them down a little.

    *eyes water from laughter*

    much love :)
  16. rainbow dew

    rainbow dew Member

    oh deearry me.... youve finally lost it rommial!:rolleyes:

    in dharma
    x x x
  17. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    no i haven't! the buttplug is right here!

    or were you speaking of something else?

    much love :)
  18. i would but i'm... ah... busy that day....
  19. GanjaPrince

    GanjaPrince Banned

    That was beautiful :)
  20. peacelovebarefeet

    peacelovebarefeet BuRniN oNe...

    groundbeef in a vase!?


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