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Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by veinglory, May 11, 2004.

  1. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    A lot of people go on about writing, but never finish anything. I have an ebook (fantasy) being released by Torquere press, and now I am writing a romance erotica novella (almost finished and the manuscript has been requested by another e-publisher).

    Who else is seriously getting on with writing for an audience other than their mother? What genres, what success so far?

  2. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    Novels are a hard slog. After finally finishing mine I am sticking with shorter work for a while. p.s. avatar snap! I win.
  3. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    There is a lot of demand. I think I like short work as I can write more of it and send more out. Then if 10 stories get rejected but one gets published I am still very happy. Novels put all your eggs in one proverbial basket and I find that harder to deal with when they get turned down (fragile ego and all that). if I was writing full time I might focus on novels but at the moment it takes me almost a year to write one.

    A nice market for all things pagan is the e-zine Gaea's cauldron, its a (low) paying market and the editor is really nice. They are a bit snowed under and slow to repond at the moment but I know they are interested in all sorts of things, essays, reviews, stories, poems etc.
  4. sassure

    sassure Member

    My book -- or rather e-book -- is a metaphysical treatise, but it includes a number of narratives as well. Called The Vanilla World View, it's intended for a pagan/new age-oriented audience.

    I admire those who write novels....they are fiendishly draining, and take forever to do well.
  5. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    I am one of those who starts many writings..and then.. perhaps just some reach an end... :p

    it is because I am going through a very "changing period" of my life.. since a couple of years.. and my passion can fluctuate easily... and also I wanna always reach a kind of "sublime".. so after a while I just decide to change topic.. or sticking on the same but from a new beginning..

    actually I have finished and published something.. but it is academic, not narrative... a project on questioning the epistemological view of contemporary science when it is faced to new theories in quantum physics.. which involve a big amount of metaphysics... the need to go beyond the duality logic of truth or false and the principle of tertium non datur... it is a kind of spiritualized claim within the realm of science.. in order to achieve an holistic understanding of reality...

    ah.. and another essay "tierra y libertad".. on the spanish colonialistic influence in mexico.. and then about the Zapatist cause... this was for a European writing contest...

    for another contest I wrote also an open letter dedicated to "the umanity".. a desperate scream to face the world to its mistakes and to the danger of a probable global collapse...

    basically this is what I have published until now...

    all the rest.. still in my notebooks in my room... :p
  6. know1nozme

    know1nozme High Plains Drifter

    Recently wrote a short one-act play (an adaptation fo a locally published book titled "Cows Are Freaky When They Look At You" - about hippies in Kansas during the '60's) which is the first in what will hopefully be an entire cycle of short plays based upon the same book - the other plays to be collaboratively written with other members of a theatre company I work with.

    Just finished a full length play called "And Much of Madness," which has a lot to do with Edgar Allen Poe's work (some of his material is adapted, but also alot of original material) - this was a collaborative play (five authors, not including Poe, and a little Shakespeare).

    Working on a Screenplay adaptation (I do a lot of adapting :) ) of a Stanislaw Lev story, which will hopefully become an animated short feature. Also a collaboration with a composer friend of mine, who is doing sound and music.

    Other than that, some poems and such. Whatever come to my head (all that stuff is original). When I come up against a block in one project, I just start working on another.
  7. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Currentlly I'm working on a mans journey through the otherworld and relizing that death is NOT the final plane. A war is going on between the North and the Fist of the East. I dunno where Im going yet....
  8. God

    God Member

    veinglory, i've written three books, and perhaps you'd be interested in reading them, or at least helping me, find a way to distribute or publish them?
    they are as follows. if u wanna read them, they are posted in the Files section of my group,

    Godfuck, by Lord Rago Pulse. His 2nd book. A thrilling journey through the cosmic universe that rests dormant inside one man’s skull. This epic, is unlike anything you have ever read before, or even imagined, guaranteed.

    The Awakening
    The Awakening, by Lord Rago Pulse. His first book, and perhaps the greatest. One man’s struggle/journey to find his true Self. The epic masterpiece of Lord Rago Pulse. Ultimately defines the philosophy of our generation, as well as all of ours shared personal philosophy and outlook on life, as well. A beautiful tale.

    An Internet Stoner's Philosophy
    An Internet Stoner's Philosophy, by Lord Rago Pulse. It is his 3rd book. A fictional tale of inner growth, as well as outer-harmony, in the form of a fictional diary. It reveals the insights of one man’s journey to become like a God.
  9. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    Those with ebook might post a link? If we all do it its sharing not spamming I hope? My fantasy gay romance (Broken Sword) is now in the 'Coming Soon' section of Torquere Press. You can see my cover art on the left which is a portrait of me as the protagonist.
  10. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    hey God (now that felt odd)

    I only really know about genre fiction and e-publishing. You could always try self-publishing with an outfit like or booklocker?
  11. God

    God Member

    veinglory, let's talk more, ok? my AIM Name is LordRagoPulse.

    im interested in whatever form of publishing i can do, whether that be e-publishing or self publishing. my email address is

    send me a letter or something, i'd very much like to know more about your publishing
  12. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    I have a short story submitted to my college magazine. No idea when it'll be published.
    And several fan fiction short stories that I keep meaning to submit somewhere.

    I tend to write the first thing that comes into my head, no specific genres as such. Although my current project is a chick lit type novella.

    Nothing major, but hey the night is young.


  13. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    I write in my journal sometimes. thinking about publishing it later.
  14. InTheFlesh

    InTheFlesh Member

    A lot of my writing is for songs or poetry. I get my inspiration from human failings and how cruel the world can be to some people. Only on some ocassions will I write about happy things. That's basically when I'm stoned...
  15. MaxPower

    MaxPower Kicker Of Asses

    I'm a video game reviewer (I'm a kid at heart, what can I say?) for so I really don't have any big projects in the works. Right now I'm just working frantically to help get the site up to par with other video game sites since we're only a few months old.
  16. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    Let me start by telling you, Death is the end, people don’t know how to believe it. They wish it went on beyond that, it seems sadder that it must go on until then. A young woman I knew named Rose told me, when she still had feelings, that she wished things could stop just how they were, she was happy then, she was in love. But life continues, and doesn’t stop for love or happiness.

    The time when I should wish things had stopped for me is perhaps long gone. I am not sure that I am so virtuous that I would have chosen to live for others, had the choice been mine. I don’t regret my life to this point. To know what I’ve done wrong I’d have to imagine how I could have done it all better, but the truth is what everyone sees in me, as great courage is merely a terrible fear of doing nothing.
    thats the first two paragraphs of it, its a book about, well, the character that is speaking, i supose it would fall under sci fi
  17. mkc414

    mkc414 Member

    Cool hearing where ya'll are coming from. I write strange short stories, sort of experimenting with things stylistically and with perception. I think in the future I'll write some longer tales or a novel. cheers and good luck,
  18. At the moment I'm working on my movie reviews, and I'm writing a story that takes place in the sixties about a draft dodger.

    Pretty good so far.
  19. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    well im writing one about a guy who thinks hes better than people just cause he criticises them. It goes into how hes driven by anoyance at all the competition keeping him from acomplishing anything, from a vein belife that he really is better but that no one has noticed because of all the hacks out there. its called, "why dont you move to LA, get some sunglasses and black clothes, and see if you fit in there, twat:"
  20. honeyhannah

    honeyhannah herbuhslovuh

    I'm writing two short stories, editing one, and really trying to put together a themed collection of poetry. That is my main focus.

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