So, wait...New England May Be Seceding?

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Chris L, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Chris L

    Chris L Member

    I think we're far past the matter of defense (sp?). From vietnam until now, I can't think of a single conflict that was in order to defend the actual people in the United States. Except maybe the war with Al Quida (which I'm not even gonna get into trying to explain how bullshit it is). Yet, its the wars like that which just happened in Iraq that people will end up getting drafted for.
  2. Megara

    Megara Banned

    huh? i think you misunderstood me.

    The US breaking off from britain had economic benefits for the US.

    There is no economic benefit for a US state to leave. The loss of federal funding would destroy any state. No US state is self sufficient. Wouldnt have to pay off the debt? You mean, the US government wouldnt have to pay off the debt that it owes to americans who live in that state? Yeah, thats smart! Give up your claim on debt repayment from the US government.
  3. Chris L

    Chris L Member

    No, the state wouldn't have to pay off the 7.4 trillion dollar depth that the US owes to other countries and companies.
  4. Megara

    Megara Banned

    uh, a fraction of hte US debt is owed to foreign countries..something like 1.5 trillion..the other 6 trillion is domestic debt.
  5. Chris L

    Chris L Member

    Ahh, I didn't think of domestic depth...i jus thtought of foreign countries and foreign bankers. But still...1.5 trillion is a huge amount of money to owe.
  6. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    The economy of the US though is worth something like $11 trillion a year I think though, so 1.5 trillion isn't that much in the large picture.
  7. soliloquy

    soliloquy Banned

    As of 01/13/2005
    Debt Held by
    the Public

    But who's counting ?
  8. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    good god........

    this forum keeps getting worse and worse.

    seceeding states? over what? a lame duck president?? come on.

    I said it once and I will say it again. you people smoke way too much pot.
  9. Kandahar

    Kandahar Banned

    Are you aware that the "federal funding" doesn't just magically appear from nowhere? Where does the government get that money? FROM THE STATES. Most blue states pay more into the federal government than they get out. That's plenty incentive to secede.
  10. Megara

    Megara Banned

    are you aware of what i said? If they leave, they will not get repaid. They will lose federal funding. There is NO economic incentive to leave.
  11. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    But they also would not have to pay federal taxes. There's a bunch of extra cash for the states right there. They wouldn't need federal funding.
  12. Megara

    Megara Banned

    i cant believe that people are actually silly enough to argue this. Some people and their utopian dreams. Does anyone actually believe that new england would be the same new england if it left the US, let alone better? You may not have george bush, but you wont be as prosperous.

    the US owns large amounts of land in all the USA2 going to compensate USA1? Do you think USA1 will give up its military bases to usa2? Do you not think that usa1 will not embargo usa2 or not physically attack usa2 for leaving? States have already tried to leave, and it wasnt pretty for those who left.

    Ideas like these are far more dangerous than any terrorist
  13. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    It is impossible for a state to leave the US even if it wanted too. I guarantee that the majority of people living in New England would not want to secede even if such a thing were possible.
  14. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    people are ridiculous sometimes, its not like abraham lincoln was elected prez.
  15. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    I say next election write in Lincoln on the ballot.
  16. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    better yet, why dont we just dig up his corpse and let him do his own campaign speeches? he was an eloquent speaker, from what I heard. just ask stephen douglas.
  17. Angel_Headed_Hipster

    Angel_Headed_Hipster Senior Member

    Well that's too bad Syd, cuz it turns out that the majority of Americans did and they turned around that ability because of all the complaints.

    Peace and Love,
  18. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    I've read Lincoln when he talked actually had a pretty big Kentucky accent, would be pretty unique to have a president with 1 of those these days.

    I still fail to see how it's an invasion of privacy. Maybe a pain in the ass.
  19. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    four score and seven years ago.........
  20. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    Man, we had to memorize that speech in 8th grade.

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