Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by southern_bell, May 18, 2004.

  1. southern_bell

    southern_bell Member

    okay. I have been with 2 people. one person for 3 yrs. now with one for half year. i have had both go down on me. go for long periods of time. quickies. strange places. different positions. my guyno says nothing is wrong with me. this new guy is very adventurous and knowledgable about pleasing woman. the first guy i never had an orgasim the whole 3 yrs. this new guy, he says it has spat at him a little something and when we have sex it has done this weird thing where it gives him like a blow job feeling. have i went and i don't know it? is there something wrong with me? what can I do? i get the feeling with the tingles everywhere and numbness and feeling really good. i just thought it would be explosive and i would die for more right after. but that hasn't been the case. both guys are well in dowed. i just don't know. comments, suggestions. I NEED HELP! I NEED AN ORGASIM!!!!!!!!!!! FOR PEACE SAKES!!!!!!!!!
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  2. mrs_eads80

    mrs_eads80 Member

    my sugetion. masterbate, then you will know what an orgasam feel like
  3. southern_bell

    southern_bell Member

    i really can't touch myself. i have tried and i can't get into it. i feel to weirded out.
  4. mrs_eads80

    mrs_eads80 Member

    you just need to relax... one day when you are at home alone, lock all the doors, shut all the curtin, so you will have your privatcy. Turn off the phone even. Explore your body.. in my opioin a woman needs to know her own body and how it works, before she can expect a man to give her an orgasm. I think what you are feeling might be a vaginal orgasm.. but the explosive orgasms (in my opion) are by clit stimulation. If you are not sure what to do here are a couple of sites I have found on the how to.
  5. LMoffet1

    LMoffet1 Member

    southern bell~ I feel for you, I had the same problem. But, I'm telling you that there is hope! Yay! I had never had an orgasm either, and I was with a guy for 3 years. And the self pleasure thing wasn't there for me either. But you do just have to explore your body, and eventually, you will realize what feels good to you. This is going to sound weird, but get yourself a handheld massaging showerhead... haha, that's what seems to work for me anyway. But the guy I'm with now, I've been with for 2 years, and after I explored myself and had sex with him for the first time, I had an orgasm the very first time!!! It was explosive, the way you expected it to be. My sister had the same problem I did, and she's 22. You just have to relax, and let it happen. Good luck to you!

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