So Sick Of Thinking About It

Discussion in 'Paranoid?' started by Major Peacenik, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Jesus Christ, I just need a break from all this tension. I've got philosophy runnin though my head every second of the day... I've got to relax somehow, but I can't without thinking, thinking, thinking.
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    When your in the middle of doing something and you realize that all of your mental focus is on something that you can't identify with a million miles away,
    and you find yourself standing in the middle of the room-clueless to what you were supposed to be doing....
    don't get mad at yourself again for getting lost in your thoughts.

    I used to think about 'it' all day everyday, and it was too late before I realized what was happening to me... 'it' started consuming most of my dreams, or should I say my sleeping time turned into more thinking time.

    After a while I realized that it's not bad or wrong to think about something constantly, especially when it's your mind trying to find answers to the questions that you feel are in control of your life right now.
    You are in control of your life right now, nobody else.
    And if you can't stop thinking about something, lyke philosophy or religion...
    take your mind on a little vacation from the source, and give yourself a break from being aggravated, because of what your thinking, or because you can't quit thinking about it.

    Don't be mad about what your thinking, especially if your starting to think that your going mad.

    hopefully you understand what I'm saying over and over,
    and it helps.:)

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