So now that the Muslims BEHEADED someone, you still think we're the badguys?

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Wicked Eyes, May 12, 2004.

  1. Wicked Eyes

    Wicked Eyes Banned

    No matter how f*cked up what we did to the prisoners was, no matter how much those who did it need to be punished, we didn't behead anyone. Yet no one seems to grasp this - we're still the bad guys. 9-11 happened, and we responded. We are the bad guys? We liberate a country who's people lived under terror and were afraid to say anything against their leader and we're the bad guys.

    We have an incident that should NOT have happened, and this proves that we really are the bad guys?

    When does this negative spin stop - think about the poor guy who got his head CHOPPED OFF. Or the soldiers who are killed and dragged out in public, etc.

    I guess it doesn't matter... we're still the bad guys, right?
  2. Mari

    Mari Member

    Are you absolutely sure about that?

    9/11 had NOTHING to do with Iraq. When are people going to stop swallowing this b/s!

    Yup, American's went in there without any LEGITIMATE reason whatsoever. They bullied the rest of the members of the coaltion into being there as well. Those that didn't still have insults hurled at them because they refused to bow to the US and Bush.

    You are getting all pissed off because of 9/11, someone came to YOUR country used planes as missles and killed all those people. So it's ok for you to get upset about that and want to retaliate, but it's not ok for another country to want to do that when YOU go in there and do the same thing? Kind of a double standard there don't you think?
  3. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I kind of agree. I still think we should have pulled out of there a long time ago. I've been all depressed about this guy ever since I heard about it. It's just proof that it's impossible to win this because we're fighting these underground fuckers that we can't find, and when we kill one, his whole family rises up and fights in his place. It's part of their culture. We can't change that. This needs to be over.
  4. We Invaded their country. It's George Bush's fault that the American got Beheaded. We didn't ask for it to happen. George Bush did. He's the one who sent our troops over there in the first place. The only way we can change this situation is to make sure that he's not President again for 4 years.
  5. Nistix

    Nistix Member

    It is not constructive to look at what is going on in terms of good and bad. It is definately wrong to suggest that 'the muslims' are the 'bad' guys. Yes, beheading someone is wrong. There is a problem in assuming that because all your friends are good people and your country is great and free that this is reflected in the way you approach the world as a nation. If the 'muslims' believe what they are doing is right does that make them bad?
    What we have unfolding in Iraq is a product of human ignorence. To talk of sides is irrelovent... we are all human, we all have the same weaknesses.
  6. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Well, they chopped off his head, OK, cruel thing, I totally agree and I think that's far away from anything human. But is the pilot that throws clusterbombs which kill little children better? Only the way of dieing is another one... I'm sure there have been people in Iraq who died on a much more cruel way on their injuries. And only the fact that a civillian has been murdered doesn't give you the legitimation for a war, even if the murder has happened AFTER that war.

    btw: The title of this thread really makes me angry. NOT THE MUSLIMS KILLED THIS MAN! This were terrorists, nearly animals, and it had NOTHING to do with their religion. NOTHING! If someones kills his neighbour with a chainsaw in America you don't write "Christian kills another one with chainsaw", would you?
  7. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    Well said Nistix...i dont understand how someone can generalise the entire "muslim" community.i'm so sick and tired of this pointless's really getting me down..Just think for yourself and stop swallowing everything your government tries to shovel down your throat Wicked eyes....*sighs*
  8. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member

    if you look on the internet you will find other film of americans and westerners having their heads cut off aid workers journalists this was happening before iraq they may be angry about the prison but thats not the full reason they cut this guys head off

    and even when you leave iraq I would imagine this sort of things going to happen

    I was thinking about this earlier why watching very gory snuff videos is so popular among jihadis two people come to mind one is mohammed who did this sort of thing to prisoners

    but also there is a guy called khalid bin walid or the "sword of allah" he was a very early muslim hero kind of a super soldier if you ever meet someone called khalid most likely they are named after him anyway this guy when he was conquering Iran said that he was going to make a certain river in iran run red with the blood of the prisoners he beheaded for three days which he then did

    if you have people like khalid and mohammed as heros I suppose your going think cutting some contractors head off is pretty cool

    I was talking to a arab ex-muslim friend earlier and he was saying the guys in work this is in egypt were watching the video and laughing and cheering and saying the usual allah akbar and thought its really pretty great

    not really sure where our sick prison guards come from
  9. Mari

    Mari Member

    Oh great...this is how bullshit rumours get started. 'My friend said....'

    If you look on the internet you can find anything you want. Believe me I could post 1000 pictures of Arabs that have been killed by American made ammuntion. There are also plenty of freaks that watch this stuff all over the place, it just depends on what they want to get pissed off about. Besides WHY do you think everytime there is a suicide bombing you see those pictures and films, but you NEVER see the ones of Arabs unless they are in a funeral procession? The media is used to appeal to the public's sympathies. If they showed you the whole picture of what was really going on over there, support would fall even further than it already has.

    You're right it's not the full reason, only part of it and it was used as an excuse to get some attention. Sure pissed off a lot of people, which by the way was the point. :(

    Would you stop going on and on about 1000 year old history? That's the way things were done then by all nations, not just the ones in the Middle East. Once again pick up a darn history book!
  10. SunLion

    SunLion Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Are we the Bad Guys? There's that simple "Good Guys, Bad Guys" theme again.

    You've seen the latest on this, right? That he was in the hands of "Iraqi police" prior to his decapitation? That he was scheduled to leave Iraq, and The Good Guys apparently prevented him from leaving the country?

    I'm not suggesting that The Good Guys intended for him to be decapitated. But so many "wacko conspiracy theories" have turned out to be true- beyond any doubt- that I wouldn't put anything past them now. There's simply no tactic that's too lowdown and dirty to the hysterical political right.
  11. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member


    I dont really understand what your saying one of the reasons I see lots of suicide bombing pictures is because jihadis post them on their websites they seem pretty proud of them
    I didnt support the war in iraq I went to I think four maybe five of the peace marches in london

    this doesnt seem to make much sense

    "Would you stop going on and on about 1000 year old history? That's the way things were done then by all nations, not just the ones in the Middle East. Once again pick up a darn history book"

    the thousand year history is really important to the people who beheaded this guy its what they spend their time talking about I know Ive talked to lots of people who support al-queda as well as just about every other islamic jihadi group
    what khalid bin walid did or mohammed or the companions of the prophet did is basically the game plan

    is this a north american thing that you dont understand that in another part of the world something that happened more than 200 years ago could be important to people
  12. Mari

    Mari Member

    johnny if ANYBODY understands Arabs and the way they think it's me. My in-laws are Palestinian, my sister in law's parents are from Iraq, I have very good friends that are Lebanese and Jordanian. These people are all Christian, but that does not really change attitudes or in some cases tradtions.

    You seem to be dealing with some fanatics and I would suggest that you guard yourself carefully. Very carefully.

    Most Arabs are not concerned with things that happened 1000 years ago anymore than anybody else is. It IS a fact of history, and we all share it. Most Arabs right now are more concerned about what is happening in their part of the world and wondering where the heck the American's are going to hit next. They are concerned about having their OWN governments, and trying like hell to have a normal life, but it is almost impossible in some of these countries, most notably Iraq, Palestine and Jordan.

    I understand only too well what it is like to be an Arab. I understand only too well what it is like to watch bombs fall on Bagdad and have the person standing next to you crying silently because HER family is living there. I understand only too well what it is like to have ALL Arabs lumped in to one terrifiying category. I understand only too well what it is like to have kids come home from school upset because some kid called them a terrorist. I understand only too well what it is like to worry about my husband crossing the boarder with the US for work after 9/11. I understand WHY most Arabs in New York denied their own heritage in the horrible days after that. I understand WHY most Arabs don't speak out against anything over here for fear of being arrested and detained. They can't even have an opinion, let alone voice it. I understand what it must be like to live in constant fear. I understand what it is like to worry about relatives in Ramallah. I understand the frustration Arabs feel about all these things.

    I, a born and bred Canadian married into this family over 20 years ago, and I will tell you this, Arabs are not much different than anybody else on this planet. They have the same hopes, dreams and needs as anybody else does.
    It pisses me off to no end that North American's think they are better than anybody else and expect everyone to respect them, when they really haven't done much to deserve that respect, especially in the Middle East. Let them stop feeding the war machines over there and be truthful for once.

    Is that clearer?
  13. Mari

    Mari Member

    Oh and I also live in an area with a high Muslim population, and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way, as I want my kids to grow up accepting other religions and cultures, not be ignorant of them. Ignorance breeds hate. :(
  14. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    Well, given that all the pictures and videos of what we have done to prisoners haven't come out yet, we don't know that for sure, now do we? :)

    ASSuming that you are right, so what? We HAVE beaten several prisoners to death, which is actually a much slower, more painful way to die than beheading, which is relatively quick.

    Killing people sucks, no matter what. But the al Qaida assholes who shot that video weren't claiming to be champions of freedom and democracy, now were they? They weren't proclaiming themselves the liberators of the Iraqi people. They weren't claiming that Saddam's torture chambers and "rape rooms" were closed down, when in fact they were simply under new management. Is the new standard for US foreign policy simply to be somewhat better than al Qaida? :)

    They were up front about being terrorists. If only the US could be as forthcoming about it as they are....
  15. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    How dare you generalize it as "muslims"?!

    You are exactly what's wrong with many people in the world. You are ignorant enough to generalize.

    Stop using deductive reasoning.

    An arab beheaded someone, the arab was muslim, therefore... all muslims behead people...

    Are you seriously that ignorant?

    Beheading is not that "evil", the hate was provoked by the US invasion.

    And like another person here said, the concept of "good" and "evil" cannot be applied in this world. To anything.
  16. Nistix

    Nistix Member

    I think brave sir robin is on to something. That does not mean it was bad of the origional author to generalise. I can see where the ideas are coming from. Its just a question of really researching a topic instead of just saying "I am right." Anyone who looks at what is going on in the world now seriously will agree tha the problem is not as simple as good against evil. There is the grey that seems to sum it all up.
  17. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    As an aside, does anyone have a link to the (complete) beheading video? I would like to see the whole thing, if only because I am sick and tired of the "embedded" US media deciding what is too "graphic" for their viewers to witness.
  18. SelfStyled

    SelfStyled Banned

    Nope "bad guys" as u put it exist in storybooks and cowboy films.

    The Americans in Iraq are scum , war criminals , people who carpet bomb and kill 50 000 civillians in just one wave in Arabia.
    Then they rape children , torture children etc etc.Poison millions with chemical weapons - yes depleted Uranium IS a chemical weapon!!

    THe "we were only obeying orders" was used by the Nazis.
    Scum like Bush , his generals etc should be dragged off to the Hague for war crimes and then execeuted.

    And the legions of filth in the "US Army" are equally culpable.
    They knew full well this was an unprovoked , unconscionable attack.
    All this whining and crying over
    2700 in the WTC .The vermin and trailer trash classes of America have killed tens of thousands in clinical cold blood.

    America is a country that needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.
    Its repulsive Buxx regime
    stirring trouble in Chechnya and Kosovo to stop Russia looking at it for
    the Iraq war crimes.

    Times are changing , America will experience its 2nd Vietnam and
    there are new kids on the block.Its playground bullying cant continue.
    Russia , China , Europe and even India /Pakistan will soon be able to wipe chunks of America off the map.

    America is not fit to have its own armed forces.

    Germans if uve ever met them tend to be amongst the most rational objective people u'd ever meet.Its iften hard to believe the mass murdering atrocities they commited with Hitler.

    Speak to the bigoted evil that infests signif sections
    of America in comparison to the rational Germans , and its not at all difficult to imagine a Ku Klux Klan style state trying to take over the world .

    Filth like these only respect one thing_FORCE!

    Post that on your websites for the Hitler Youth.
    Oops I meant to say "general Patten HIgh School"

    God bless America?
    God shit on the terrorist , Klansmen backers of William Kristol and co.
  19. freeinalaska

    freeinalaska Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Us-Them...good guys-bad guys....Muslims-Christians-Jews???

    Well said. During the years I spent in Iraq working for the UN I did not find an excess of fanatics and assholes, but found the men I worked with to be really no different than I. They want to feed and care for their family just as I do and maybe have some hope, dreams and fun.

    I really don't think this was an act of the entire Muslim poulation.
    Yes, I do. We invaded a country on the premise of lies. And I really don't want to be included in that "we".
  20. God

    God Member

    Wicked Eyes, HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED FOR THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???

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