so many nieces!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Paz, Jun 6, 2004.

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    I have 7 nieces 2 nephews and another on the way, not sure what yet though. I know way too much about kids for a fifteen year old male, it's kind of weird sometimes Lol
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    Good practice for ya. Back when I was your age, not only did it piss me off when people would use the expression "back when I was your age", but I also used to spend days on end watching my nephews. Serious preparation for becoming a dad. I'd be totally lost now that I have a son if it wasn't for them.
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    When my nephew lived with us and he was getting into the talking stage I ended up telling everyone to “watch their langue” when they swore… with out even thinking. but this was at school and to my 14 year old school mates. And saying stupid shit like fudge and fruit loops.. Nothing like a baby to clean up you’re langue.

    Now he’s 4 and picks up everything I say and if i say a bad word I’ll get a good old talking to by him.
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    LOL that is so cute :)

    Both my older cousins have a baby each. They are adorable little tikes, but my cousins were age where they had them, and comparing their lifestyle to mine there is no contest. I am very happy baby-free for the time being.

    Won't stop me learing about parenting, choosing names or otherwise living vicariously (sp) though. :)


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