so im learning turkish.....

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by 52~unknown~52, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. atsizat9050

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    You teach me english and I teach you Turkish. Do we have a deal? All I need is a native english speaker, which means someone like you :D
  2. old tiger

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    I do speak Turkish..used to work as a coalminer with problem...
    been to Turkey 4 times while going overland towards India in the 70's...
    Turkish is a nice language...I love it...i speak it even better with a hot potato in my mouth... :bulb:
    in Turkey they say..yavas yavas??isn't that so,dear atsi?(the frustrated Turk)
  3. atsizat9050

    atsizat9050 Member

    Turkish would be difficult in grammar to a foreigner but it may be easy in vocabullary. We dont use many words like english. In english there are so many words that have the same meaning but I believe our grammar must be difficult to foreigners. I will put an example about grammar.
  4. Turkce zor degil. (Turkish isn't too hard)
    It takes practice with people and visiting the country to immerse yourself.
  5. Sen gerçekten Türkçe biliyor musun?
    Benimle konuş.
  6. Türkiye'de nerede çalıştın?
    Belki Zonguldak'ta?

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